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Interview with QueerCosmos Co-Founder Colin Bedell

Here at The New School, we’re taught to leave our mark. To follow our passions. To be who we were born to be. Colin Bedell took these lessons and ran all the way to the moon. Literally. He found his true calling in astrology and the zodiac. Along with his best friend, Christina, Colin founded QueerCosmos.com—a progressive astrological space that accounts for all identities.

Through his positive outlook, his emotional intelligence, and awareness of higher consciousness, Colin continues to promote one key note—connect with those around you.

Read our interview with Colin below!

HC: What was the inspiration behind QueerCosmos?

CB: “I got the inspiration when I realized a lot of the coverage on astrological archetypes had very heteronormative interpretations. When I would search for compatibility as a Gemini man, I would immediately be paired with a female from one of the twelve signs. Those resources are wonderful for those who identify as heterosexual, but obviously, the energy and context would be different when considering the queer spectrum.”

“My best friend Christina, who identifies as lesbian, realized we needed to do something about this. We were already studying the material and doing the research, so we figured the time was right to take our passion to the next level and create this space.”

HC: What would you say to those who claim there’s no substance or science behind astrology and that it’s just “for fun?”

CB: “I would say that’s contempt before investigation which is an invalid approach to any kind of inquiry, and I would ask them to simply keep an open mind. We’re dealing with an advanced metaphysical system that is three thousand years old. It’s much deeper than horoscopes written on the back of popular magazines.”

“If it’s not for them, it’s fine. But I would ask them not to make sweeping generalizations.”

HC: What did you study during your time at The New School? Did you concentrate your studies on astrology?

CB: “I graduated Lang with a degree in non-fiction writing and journalism. I then continued to get my fashion studies graduate degree at Parsons School of Design. I’m really grateful that I went to Parsons because it gave me a research “tool-kit” that allowed me to interrogate and probe astrology from a critical space. This gave me the chance, alongside other astrologers, to bring intellectualism back to the mainstream conversation. So while it may seem that my educational background is unrelated to my work in astrology, everything is very interconnected.”

HC: Speaking of The New School, you were The New School’s 2016 Commencement Student Speaker! What was that experience like?

CB: “I was definitely feeling emotionally exposed throughout the entire process—I was freaking out every day! A short while after submitting the application, I got an email stating that I was a semi-finalist. Now I knew that didn’t mean anything yet and that I still had to prove myself. So about a week later, I interviewed in-person, which was scary but empowering at the same time. Three days after that, I got “the call.” I was so nervous to answer, but when I did, I was relieved and happy to find out that I was chosen as the student speaker!”

“Prior to The New School, I had never been a “star student.” I had never been in an environment that allowed my intellectual capabilities to be called forth. I love The New School. It may not be a perfect institution, but that’s only because there is no such thing. To be the student speaker was the perfect capstone of the greatest five years of my life.”

HC: Among your many accomplishments, you’re also the horoscope writer for Cosmopolitan! How did that come to be?

CB: “It was early September when I got an email from the magazine’s web editor with the subject “Cosmo.com Inquiry.” I read the first sentence and it basically said that Cosmo was looking for a horoscope writer and they wanted to know if I would be interested. I was totally interested, especially considering their rich relationship with astrology. Cosmo has truly been advancing the astrological conversation, and to be a part of that circulation history would be such an honor. So I called the editor only a few days later, and I’ve been writing their horoscopes ever since!”

“It’s amazing to note that the cornerstone angle of higher consciousness, personal growth and spiritual seeking is that when people are living their highest truth and their purpose, success has no choice but to follow.”

HC: You’ve also interned at Victoria’s Secret during their fashion show season, and even developed friendships with some of the Angels. What was that like?

CB: “Yes! I interned for Victoria’s Secret during their 2012 fashion show season. It was extraordinary! I have always loved the sheer spectacle of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. There’s never anything understated about it.”

“During my time there, I kept a professional distance from the models. Interestingly, one of the interns who I was working with at the time became an assistant to Karlie Kloss. She had mentioned my work to Karlie who then asked for her own reading.”

“So Ophi Edut, who is one-half of the AstroTwins, along with myself ended up giving Natal Chart Readings to all of the members of Karlie Kloss’ International women’s day dinner.”

HC: When it comes to astrology, you are beyond informed. What is one message you would like readers to take away?

CB: “It would mean a lot to me if people use astrology as an access for the connection to oneness. I believe it’s really important to be mindful of the fact that anytime this system is used to propel separation and disconnection, you are not honoring the integrity of astrology. There’s no such thing as bad compatibility. There’s no reason why someone is fundamentally not allowed to get along with someone else. When properly applied, astrology could be a way for us to understand our shared humanity, and I would like spiritual seekers and astrologers to understand that the key is other people.”

“The key is for you to strengthen your relationship with this unbelievably applicable spiritual system and seek that sense of oneness with people as well as be a space for others to be their best selves. Be a space for that brilliance.”

Speed Round!

Favorite Food: Orange Chicken and Dumplings

Favorite Movie: Titanic

Most Used App: TimePassages Pro

Favorite Song: The Book of Love by Peter Gabriel

Currently Reading: One Simple Idea by Mitch Horowitz

Favorite TV Show: Alias

Want to connect with Colin? Follow him through his links provided below:

Website: https://www.queercosmos.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/colin.bedell



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