Interview with Her Campus Staff Writer Kaylie Felsberg

New School students aren’t your typical college kids. They’re bright, determined, and armed with the skills needed to revolutionize our world. Through fashion, music, art, writing, social research and more, these future leaders are ready to leave their mark and shake up the rules.

This week, we interviewed one of our very own talented writers - freshman Kaylie Felsberg. Read our interview below!

HC: Tell the readers a little about yourself.

KF: "My name is Kaylie Felsberg. I am 18 years old, and I’m from Long Island, New York. Right now, I plan to major in Journalism and Design with a minor in Economics, but everything is still undecided because I’m trying to figure out what I want to do in life and which direction I would like to go in. But, I really do love writing and I hope to continue with it."

HC: What made you want to join the Her Campus at The New School team?

KF: "I’ve always thought it would be fun to write for a site like Buzzfeed, mostly because you have so much freedom to do and create whatever you want. So, when I saw a post about Her Campus, I quickly looked it up and thought this would be perfect, and so far, it has!"

"Writing for Her Campus has really helped me spark this creativity that I didn’t know existed. Her Campus pushes me to write the best content that I can."

HC: What do you do in your spare time?

KF: "I mostly read in my spare time because it is a good distraction from whatever may be going on. I'm currently reading Woes of the True Policeman by Roberto Bolaño. The dialogue and narrative is extremely different but in a good way – I recommend everyone to pick it up!"

HC: What would readers be surprised to learn about you?

KF: "That I am an avid Latin scrabble player! I started back in high school where there was a club and I haven’t been able to stop since."

HC: What is the best part about being at The New School?

KF: "I would say the best part is being surrounded by people from all walks of life because you get to learn so much about different parts of the world. Being in New York City is a big perk, too. [And] you never feel claustrophobic, because if you are feeling stressed out, you can easily walk to a park."

Speed Round!

Favorite Food? Chocolate

Favorite Song? "We Exist" by Arcade Fire

Favorite TV Show? "The West Wing"

Favorite Book? Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut

Favorite NY Spot? Hudson River Park/Botanical Garden ​

Want to connect with Kaylie? Follow her through her links listed below!

Instagram: @kayliefell

Twitter: @kayliefell11