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I Met Up with Someone on Bumble BFF and OMG

Written in Collaboration with Bumble

*PSA* My phone camera quality sucks. Please forgive me. 

I have a confession to make. A good 80% of my friends are online friends, and it’s not my first time meeting someone from on the internet. I even met my boyfriend of three years online. So, maybe my fears of meeting someone from the internet isn’t as big as others. I’m not sure how I ended up with almost entirely online friends, but it’s definitely a prime example of friendship in the digital age. Sometimes it just be like that okay. But, that’s why I’m here to talk about my experience meeting of someone on Bumble BFF.

First things first though, what my experience using Bumble BFF? Well honestly, I liked it a lot. The format is easy to understand, and it’s clear Bumble cares about things relevant  today. They have options to choose your gender identity and maintain comfort levels when chatting with others. There are several options to “unmatch” with someone who maybe made you uncomfortable or you simply aren’t interested in. I can appreciate the care put into user experience while testing out this app.

Now, what was meeting someone I only talked to for a couple days like? Suprisingly, it was great! All of my fear and worries disappeared the moment we started talking. (I’ll be keeping my friend’s identity anonymous.) We decided to go out for boba at Macau Imperial Tea in Ktown, which by the way isn’t bad, and headed to a nearby park to sit down and enjoy our drinks. 

We both talked about how we ended up in NYC, our interests, and what our current occupations are. It seemed we unknowingly had very similar interests, we both liked comedy and drama TV shows. We also both enjoy journalistic style writing. I honestly didn’t think I would find so much in common with someone I barely knew. 

After we finished drinks, we headed into a nearby H&M, which was HUGE and started petting jackets. That might sound ridiculous, but H&M has their faux fur jacket game on point this year (I’m 200% shook ok). Because we were both inspired by how nice the clothes this season were, we started joking about how they had the perfect clothes for an “e-girl Cruella Deville.” I haven’t had that much fun shopping in ages, and I swear it would be perfect for Halloween if I had a black and white wig. 

By the end of our meeting, I was left suprised, but in a good way. I didn’t realize that I could meet someone online and then go out together just a couple days later. It showed me that even me, who has met several people from online irl, that sometimes it’s good to take chances when meeting new people. I had a lot of fun meeting someone new on Bumble BFF, and I would definitely do it again. 

If you’re unsure or worried about meeting someone on Bumble BFF, I’d say that you’ll probably be pleasantly surprised like I was. Of course, your own judgement is the most important, so listen to your gut. But I’d say it doesn’t hurt to try something a little out of your comfort zone. After all, everyone else using Bumble BFF also wants to make new friends. Who knows, you might find yourself with someone you’ll truly connect with.

Want to meet new friends in your area? Try out Bumble BFF for yourself! Or if you’d rather meet people the old-fashioned way, stop by The Ainsworth in the East Village this Friday at 9 pm, Bumble and Her Campus will be having a mixer. We hope to see you there!

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Jade Welder

New School '23

Jade is a student at The New School pursuing a degree in media studies and a minor in food studies. This isn't really a secret: she's a boba connoisseur by day and closet weeb by night. And yes, boba ice cream is really worth the hype.
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