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How You Can Bring High Fashion Looks to Halloween

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Being in a college so focused on art, there is no doubt that a lot of the students at The New School are getting ready for one of the most exciting holidays of the year: Halloween. It’s a holiday to get creative and show off your skills (especially if you make your own costume!) when you hit the night out in NYC.

Over the years you’ll definitely see the stereotypical Halloween costumes, usually based on popular things that happened throughout the year: TV shows, celebrity couples, and memes. Not long ago, we got some Halloween costume tips and ideas from Sharon Stone, who is a fashion stylist and personal shopper based in Dallas, Texas. You can definitely trust her with fashion as she’s known to style famous celebrities including Ellen DeGeneres, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Samuel L. Jackson– and now, you!

Instead of the stereotypical Halloween costumes you’ve seen over the past years, why not try something new? Let’s not buy those same tired costumes from the Halloween store, that you’ll see at least 10 people wearing. This year Sharon Stone has Halloween costume ideas based on fashion icons. Here are some of her top picks as well as tricks to nail the ensemble.

Iris Apfel

Her image is larger than life. So think bold, colorful, one of a kind! Iris is a fun costume idea for any fashionista who loves to play with layers, textures, baubles & style!

How to get the look:

  • Drama/Oversized/Bold/Statement: Excess is the key, so layers & layers of jewelry!

  • For Jewelry go chunky bead, large plastic links, statement, tribal, Boho, African, Mardi Gras, cuff bracelet, or a bangle bracelet

  • Iris always has a divine pair of large round glasses, and an ethnic Boho jacket (quilted and oversized is great) & long skirt or wide leg pants

  • Hair: Cropped Silver wig which can be found on Amazon, Ebay, or perhaps somewhere local

  • Makeup: Bright vibrant lipstick 

  • Props: If desired may carry a cane, wrap it in matching color duct tape from Michaels


CoCo Chanel



Coco Chanel, another fashion icon in the Fashion Hall of Fame. Coco was renowned for her multitudes of pearls, her classic black elegant wardrobe, and a red lip.

How to get the look: 

  • Vintage clothing, or vintage look; all black. You can find these looks at vintage boutiques and perhaps at some great thrift shops in nyc

  • Statement Piece: Cardigan or tweed jacket found at a designer resale or thrift store

  • Jewelry: Oodles of pearls, cuff bracelets on both wrists, and pearl earrings

  • Shoes should be Oxford Style, with or without heel, and black tights.

  • Props: Cigarette 


John Lennon and Yoko Ono


John & Yoko, visually stunning in all-white with their timeless message of peace & love. Fun idea for that free-spirited couple, and pretty cozy too!

How to get the look:

  • White cotton pj’s & white cotton bath robe can be found on Ebay & Amazon (or you may already own these)

  • Long wigs at wig shop & round glasses can be found at Party/Costume shop

  • White bed sheet large enough to drape and put clever peace & love messaging on the back

Always remember to check with your roommates or your friends if they have some items or clothes that you can borrow for the night. If you want to go the extra mile, make the garments and props yourself and it will make your outfit one of a kind and you’ll feel proud that you made it yourself! 

If you love these looks and advice, check out Sharon Stone’s full-service style agency that can help you look fierce and fabulous while also being original. 

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Rania Cornelia

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Rania studies fine arts at The New School, specializing in oil painting and is currently exploring 3D mediums. She aspires to become a set designer for Saturday Night Live. On the side, she is also interested in astrophysics and fashion journalism. You can find her either at the MET or the Hayden Planetarium.