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How to Survive NYC This Spring

Living in New York City is hard for everyone, with the exception of Upper East Side dogs and private school toddlers. But there are ways to live here without wanting to shave your head and move to a random city in Illinois. This is the city that has everything for everyone, whether it be Broadway shoes, shopping, or indulging in a $50 brunch. Now that spring is rolling around, there are new rules on how to dress, act, and take part in all the latest trends. It can be hard to keep up with an ever-changing city, but here are five tips to keep in mind for that warm weather. 

1) Everybody Is Feeling The Same Way You Are

Living in New York is beautiful for the reason that everyone is feeling they’re not good enough to be here. Find your group or some sort of a support system to rely on for days when you really feel like you can’t do it. Living in New York doesn’t mean that all previous mental health issues will randomly go away. Feel grateful that you’re in the city that so many people dream of living in, but recognize when you need help. There’s no shame in admitting that things aren’t always going well, even if you’re living here. It gets hard in Spring, it does. There’s more pressure to go out and do things and spend your last couple weeks before next semester comes around, but pace yourself. It’s completely fine to sit out on an event if you’re stressed out. Go out for a picnic with your friends, see the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, break into someone’s pool! Whatever it is that you’re doing, make sure you feel comfortable and happy doing it. 

2) Dress How You Want

Dress comfortably, especially now that spring is rolling around. You don’t have to go to your 8 am in a full beat and strappy heels to match. Find a comfortable pair of sneakers or flats, because you’ll be walking a lot. Or wear sneakers on your way to class, and change before you get where you need to go (I learned that from the first Cheetah Girls Movie). If it’s hot as all hell outside, and you’re pretty sure you’ve entered one of the Dante’s layers of the Inferno, wear a tank top and shorts if you want. Nobody will judge. Nobody will care. If you’re comfortable with how you are, then who gives a damn what people on the street think?

3) Skincare and Beauty Products Will Save Your Life

Sunscreen. Sunscreen. Sunscreen. I don’t care how much you protest, you need sunscreen.I’ve got brown skin, but that doesn’t mean I’m not rocking that SPF 45 Neutrogena life. If you’re opting for a more minimal look, make sure you always have some nice skincare products. That doesn’t mean you have to shell out for a $300 dollar serum, but have some rose water, a nice moisturizer, and sunscreen. You won’t believe how long a little drugstore product can help your skin. If you’re going for a full beat every day, make sure you’re not abusing your skin. Get a nice primer so you don’t sweat off your makeup in your 15 minute dash between the University Center and your apartment. Also stay up to date with what beauty bloggers are saying, skincare isn’t just this years fad, it’s staying for the long run.

4) Get That H20

Please drink water, even if you hate it. If normal tap water or your Brita isn’t cutting it, try coconut water or aloe water. It keeps you super hydrated and it has a multitude of health benefits (including helping with skin struggles). Drinking water not only makes you feel better, but it can help with weight loss, exercise, mental health, and general happiness. 

5) Purge Your Closet

The weather in New York is as unpredictable as the MTA, but to help with the closet clutter, pick and chose your staple spring items and pack away the rest. Keep a little suitcase or a box to put your Canada Goose (or Canada Goose knockoff) in. Granted, there probably will be a chilly day to come soon, so keep a sweater or two out just in case. Keeping your closet space to a minimum not only helps with organization, but it feels so good to not have your small space looking like a NYFW dressing room. Also, take this time to see what clothes you don’t want anymore. A great way to make a little extra cash is selling your clothes on Depop or at a local thrift store. 

Hopefully, you’re sitting in Washington Square Park reading this and thinking about how excited you are for spring. But regardless of where you are or what you’re doing, we’ve only got a couple weeks left for this spring semester. So push through, and make your moves.

Yasi Mousavi

New School '21

Yasi Mousavi is a second year at The New School. Originally from Nashville, TN--Yasi is planning on pursuing a double major in philosophy and screen studies. When she is not writing, she enjoys aggressively binge-watching T.V. shows and trying her best to become Mindy Kaling.
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