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How to Be an A+ Roommate

A good roommate is a novelty. You only find one every few decades. Until then, most of us deal with roommates with ridiculous sleeping habits, crippling hygiene, or straight-up idiotic behavior. Sometimes (if we’re lucky) we can trade our terrible roommate for a different one, but other times, we’re stuck.

 What if there were some guidelines we could follow to keep the big grievances at bay? Here’s a list tackling some of the major courtesies you owe to your roommate (and vice versa). 

Kitchen Etiquette:

Some of us cook more than others, so let’s just be clear on what is expected.

  • When you finish making your Coq au Vin dinner for two, do not leave the kitchen a mess. If you cook, you clean. If you leave a cracked egg in a bowl for longer than a week, reconsider being a roommate for the rest of eternity. Just live alone.

  • If your food is stinky, eat it quickly. Or just turn the magical knob labeled “fan” on. It does wonders.

  • There are nothing worse than roomies who are incapable of taking out the garbage. Make sure you take turns doing so. Extra points if your roomie doesn’t have to ask!


Bathroom Etiquette:

There’s no escaping your bathroom responsibilities – even Queen Bey sits on the porcelain throne.

  • Always make sure the bathroom is stocked with toilet paper. There’s nothing worse than realizing you have to drip-dry.


  • If you poo, I don’t want to know who. In other words, always use air freshener or light a match.

  • Some of us shed more than our dogs and cats – be aware of your hair and pick it up! This also applies for in-shower trimming. Your roomie shouldn’t have to rinse or know about your freshly-shaved pubes.


Bedroom Etiquette:

When you share a room with someone, there are common courtesies we all need to get on board with.

  • Be observant: When your roommate is sleeping, do not barge in with your drunken friends giggling and causing a ruckus. This will definitely put you on your roomie’s sh*tlist. Trust me, it will not be forgotten.




  • Tidy up. We all have our rough weeks and a good roommate will forgive the untidy inconveniences. Just don’t leave your acoustic guitar in the middle of the doorway. Always make sure your space is still functional.


  • Give them privacy: Do not be the roommate who is always home and has nothing to do…ever. Everyone likes having some alone-time. 

On a final note, remember that no one is perfect. We’re all bound to annoy our roommates at some point. Being able to acknowledge our faults and to forgive one another will help to smooth over the bumps along the way. Happy rooming everyone! 

Amanda Miller

New School '18

Amanda Miller is an undergraduate at The New School studying Literature and writing. She is the proud editor for the Her Campus New School chapter. Among many of her passions is human rights and fighting against animal cruelty. She has published her work in several publications including the following:Reverberations Magazine, The New School Free Press & The New School Eleven and Half Literary Journal.
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