A Guide to Living With Your Best Friend

It’s the time of year when everyone is scrambling to figure out their summer plans and housing for the next year, trying to find roommates and gaurantors. Despite both me and my best friend planning to move out, when people asked if we would live together we would vehemently deny it, citing that we were too different and too similar all at once ; that’d we’d spend all of our time together until we can’t stand each other. As the reality of moving out of the dorms grew closer, we realized that we were being silly. That we were both adults, and that how our BFF-turned-roommate journey was completely dependent on our own actions. So if you’re worried about living with a bestie, we’ve got you covered.


1. Know Your Flaws

No one is perfect, and your friend probably already know some of the ways in which you’re flawed, but self-awareness is key. My friend knew going in that I’m messy and clumsy, but I am stil going to do my best to not let that affect our space too much. Especially in the beginning, being upfront with your blindspots and working to prove that you’re trying, can get you some brownie points later, when you have a big final or breakup and simply can’t be your best self.


2. Express Gratitude

Even over things that benefit everyone in the house, like washing dishes or taking out the trash, saying thanks has been proven to enhance empathy and self-esteem!

3. Pay Attention

Everyone has something they’re working through, and for me personally, it’s hard to be so far from my family when I’m feeling really down. If you notice that your friend isn’t feeling herself, whether its mental or physical illnesses or just a particular situation, do what you can to support her. Sometimes all you can do is listen, but being conscious of others’ situations will make everyone's life better!

4. Binge A Show Together

It’s been a really fun bonding experience to come home every night, ready to sit down, eat dinner and watch a show with my best friend. We definitely don’t text as much since moving in together, but “Buffy Tonight?” happens often enough to show how much fun it is.

5. Know When to Hang, and When to Hang Back

In the words of Ariana Grande, time apart is beneficial. Hanging out together *too* often can lead to bickering or an over-sensitivity to each others’ less flattering habits. Spend some time in your own room, make plans with friends you don’t live with, and be honest when you need space.

6. Communication

This one seems obvious, but I actually think you should OVER communicate. There’s no such thing as being overly on the same page!