The fake world of instagram

Effortless beauty is a myth

I remember scrolling through my Instagram feed and feeling so insecure. I mean you have these girls who look absolutely perfect. They don’t have dark circles, acne, stretch marks, or facial hair. Their bodies look amazing. Then, there’s me who has skin problems and 50 shades of dark under my eyes. I don’t have abs and oh my hair is atrocious because it falls out on the daily. So, it is  understandable why I am so critical of myself. But this is unhealthy for me. I know I am not the only girl whose compared myself to someone on Instagram. It’s wrong for me to want to start changing my physical appearance because of what I see online.


I know how tempting it is to want to go grab some blue and green contact lenses, dye your hair blonde, and do an entire face makeover, but why? Because everyone else looks like that on your feed. Don’t get me wrong, it's okay to alter your physical appearance. But when you start changing yourself solely for social media and likes that’s when things become problematic.


It is common for girls to idealize blue/green eyes and blonde hair because many modeling agencies favor such beauty standards. This, in turn has a negative effect on many females because they begin to feel ugly and start to wonder why they don’t like that too.

Most of the girls we compare ourselves to edit their photos until they look perfect. That’s not to say, there’s something wrong with editing out imperfections. But I just want to put it out there that, DARK CIRCLES ARE NORMAL. WE ALL HAVE THEM. ACNE IS NORMAL. HAVING BROWN EYES AND BLACK HAIR IS BEAUTIFUL.  

Society has created unrealistic expectations of what women should look like. So, with that being said if you ever find yourself being critical of your beauty, I want to remind you that everyone has their own definition of what beauty is and only you can define yourself. NO ONE ELSE.