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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at New School chapter.

Dear Reader,

We hope you enjoyed our first week back! We’re excited to kick off a new semester here again at HCTNS. For those of you who don’t know us, we’re Merlin and Isabelle, the editors in chief. We’re both juniors here at TNS and are passionate about telling the stories about all the special and creative people here at TNS. You may have seen us this week passing out flyers, sitting in the caf with our fancy pink table cloth, or rushing to class. 

We’re making some changes this semester, every month our content will have a new theme. The end of this month and September, we’re focusing on New Beginnings. So, a large focus of our content will be about starting out this new semester and how to make the most of it. On top of the content that our lovely team of writers give us, this semester we’re also looking for guest writers to pop in and add to the conversation. So, if you’re looking to publish a singular piece and want a big platform for it – e-mail us! 

Another bigger change we want to make this year is to become a bigger part of the TNS community. This means hosting more events, upping our social game, and finding out more about what interests you. If there are ways you think we could help out or work with other organizations – please reach out! Again, we’re so excited to start the new year, and we hope you stick around.


Merlin and Isabelle

Isabelle Fang

New School '21

Isabelle is a Literary Studies major at the Eugene Lang School of Liberal Arts at The New School. Originally from Toronto, she's still working on using the imperial system and reading weather forecasts in Fahrenheit. Isabelle mostly writes about pop culture, Asian American representation, and profiles on all kinds of people.
Merlin Garcia

New School '21

Merlin Garcia was born in Austin, Texas and now attends Eugene Lang College. She studies film with a concentration in screenwriting. She hopes to someday work in television and publish a book of essays.
If you're interested HCTNS, please e-mail us at hc.newschool@hercampus.com