Editor's Letter: Introspection

As the weather gets cooler, we spend more and more time inside. 2020 is fast approaching and as the year and decade (!!) come to an end, we’re exploring the ways we approach the communities we come into contact with daily. The New Schools’ festival of New has reminded all of why we are pursuing the paths that we are, and how we as a community can do better. We are so pleased to have made it to 100 years, but that 100 years is not without its problems. Even our current administration does not serve the student body and overlooked staff as much as they should. We want to take this month to reflect on how The New School, Her Campus, and we as individuals can do better.

This month our content will try to focus on introspection and realistic ways to take more ethical steps forward for The New School’s (and our own) future. Like we said last month, we’re open to guest voices! Feel free to submit on ways you’re trying to improve - maybe you’re trying to be greener, maybe you’re trying to stay more organized, or maybe there’s something more personal you want to work on - whatever it is, we want to hear about it!

So, we hope you enjoy this month of content and we hope to hear more from you!


Merlin and Isabelle