Childhood TV Characters That Should Have Been Queer

Queer representation is becoming more and more commonplace in the media as time goes on and society progresses. However, growing up, representation was scarce, and if it was even there at all it would be portrayed negatively. After re-watching a ton of my favorite childhood shows, I realized something: so many characters SHOULD have and COULD have been outwardly queer if it weren’t for the time and place. Sad. As such, I compiled a list of said characters, most of whom played a very big part in my sexual awakening in one way or another.

  1. 1. Jade West / Victorious

    It goes without saying that Jade West would make this list. If you’re a queer girl born from 1998-2004, Elizabeth Gillies’ seemless portrayal of this character more than likely played a part in your sexual awakening - stan twitter unanimously decided that. Jade literally invented Big Dick Energy and gave off major gay vibes. You either wanted to be her, wanted to be with her, or 一 in most cases 一 both. Bonus points if you’re bisexual/pansexual and you also had a crush on Beck. 2010-2013 was a confusing time.

  2. 2. Shego / Kim Possible

    Shego was the OG goth girlfriend that we all wanted, but didn’t deserve. Though technically the sidekick of Dr. Drakken, the antagonist of the series, she was the main villain in all of our hearts and the star of all of our sexual awakenings. Similarly to Jade, she gave off mad BDE, but she 一 could also fight, which was a game-changer. She was a complete and total badass, making Dr. Drakken look weak in comparison. Also, the chemistry between Shego and Kim Possible = palpable. I swear, rewatch some of those episodes if you don’t believe me 一 you could cut the tension in their fight scenes with a knife.

  3. 3. Toph Beifong / Avatar: The Last Airbender

    It’s time we have this conversation. In the scope of childhood queerness, Toph often gets overlooked. Toph was a tomboy, and though she did have the occasional boy-crush, it was all innocent and childlike. In fact, some of it feels like she was just mimicking Katara, the only older female character on the show for her to look up to, and her various romantic subplots. Toph was angsty and misunderstood, and as a kid, I related to her. Of course, I didn’t yet know why, but part of me feels like I could just sense that we were on the same wavelength. So, she’s gay. I don’t make the rules.

  4. 4. Miranda Sanchez / Lizzie McGuire

    Originally, Miranda wasn’t going to be on this list 一 probably due to the fact that when Lizzie McGuire was in its prime, I was two, so I wasn’t necessarily equipped with a gaydar yet. However, after rewatching a few episodes over Thanksgiving break, I realized I’d be doing the queer community a disservice not to acknowledge Miranda, especially with the talks of the Lizzie McGuire reboot that may or may not be happening. Miranda was ballsy when Lizzie wasn’t, and constantly stood up for her/took the fall for her. And though it was never confirmed, I’m willing to bet she came back from her first semester of her freshman year of college with a girlfriend and a septum piercing.

  5. 5. Sam Puckett / iCarly

    I feel like nothing really needs to be said here 一 like, just look at her. If her sense of fashion and gender expression gender expression weren't enough to convince you, her attitude and lack of tolerance for the mediocre boys that Carly was obsessed with at any given time should. And let's be real - her relationship with Freddie was an elaborate ruse to cover up a truth that was all-too evident.

  6. 6. Honorable Mention: Princess Bubblegum and Marceline the Vampire Queen / Adventure Time

    Being that their relationship was heavily hinted at throughout the entirety of the series, Marceline and Bubblegum would totally be on this list if they weren’t confirmed to be a couple in the last episode of Adventure Time 一 and for that, Cartoon Network gets a thumbs up! Big thanks to them for actually manifesting my childhood dreams and making them a reality. Y’all are winners.