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YSL Nu Beauty Campaign
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Celebrating ‘Nu’: We Attended YSL’s New York Fashion Week Pop-Up

During all the excitement that comes with New York Fashion Week, some of us HCTNS writers were lucky enough to attend YSL’s fashion week pop-up, to celebrate the launch of their new skincare make-up hybrid line, ‘Nu.’ The pop-up, which was built in the heart of The Cooper Union plaza, featured professional makeup artists and photographers and allowed patrons to not only sample the new products but also flaunt them in a mini-photoshoot. 

The Nu collection consists of five products that provide both the benefits of skincare and light-coverage make-up in order to nourish the skin while also emphasizing the consumer’s natural beauty. The products range from a foundation, to a dewy mist and range from $34-38 in price. What’s especially great about these products is the shade range. The foundation for example, comes in 20 different shades, making it even more accessible.

Here are some more details on our experience at the pop-up!


I wasn’t sure what to expect when I walked into The Cooper Union Plaza and came across YSL’s fashion week pop-up. I was instantly impressed at the turnout, as there was a long line filled with people of all different backgrounds, dressed to the nines, eagerly ready to see what was inside. My fellow HC writer Alina and I arrived after a quick lunch, and noticed there was a DJ playing some hip music while patrons waited online. There were photographers all throughout the venue, making us feel as though we were on our own runway! 

Once we entered the pop-up, we were immediately greeted by make-up artists who led us to a big, Hollywood style make-up vanity with a variety of Nu products for us to sample. My make-up artist was super sweet, and after asking me a few questions about my skin type, applied the Nu Bare Look Tint to my face using a sponge. The foundation was extremely light-weight and was not heavy in coverage, but helped in waking up my skin and toning down the more red parts of my face. I love that this product contains hyaluronic acid and glycerin, allowing the product to blend more flawlessly into the skin. 

After giving me a touch-up with the foundation and giving me a free sample in my shade, the make-up artist sealed things in with the Nu Dewy Mist. This mist felt silky smooth on the skin, smelled like pomegranate (it is infused with pomegranate extract!) and left my skin glowing. My face didn’t feel sticky or tacky once the mist settled, which is an issue I typically have with skin mists. 

Once my make-up was done and I was feeling refreshed, I got to have my pictures taken by a photographer they had on site, who was very kind and found ways to uniquely photograph each person who entered the pop-up. This was my first NYFW event since living in New York City, and I’d say it was a pretty successful one! 

YSL fashion week pop up
Original photo by Abigail Connolly


I attended the YSL NYFW pop-up with fellow HCTNS writer Sofia Donaldson, and it totally exceeded my expectations. I figured we’d get to the event, hear the typical salesperson spiel about how fantastic and life-changing this new beauty collection was, and sample a few products before calling it day. Boy, was I mistaken!

The pop-up venue itself was small, but it packed a punch. Sofia and I innocently walked right up to the front entrance to enter, but were promptly greeted with a friendly woman politely pointing us to the back of a very long line of attendees. To see a line of 30+ people waiting to enter a little pop-up in the middle of Cooper Square on a weekday was impressive, YSL! As Sofia and I walked to the back of the line, we couldn’t help but fawn over the incredible outfits other attendees were rocking, and the excitement for what was to come began to build. 

After about 15 minutes in line, we made it back to the entrance and immediately saw what the buzz had been about. Inside the venue were gorgeous vanities surrounded by beauty products, and we were to sit in front of the glam-squad-style mirrors, close our eyes, and get a mini-makeover à la ‘Nu’ by YSL. Much better than a salesperson spiel! When it was my turn to head to a vanity, my makeup artist kindly asked me what skin type I had and selected my foundation formula accordingly. She matched my shade perfectly, finished with a light mist of setting spray, and off I went to a photography station for a few quick headshot-style photos. There were a few other playful photo-booth style stations at the back of the pop-up, and then the experience was complete! 

Overall, Sofia and I thoroughly enjoyed our experience at the pop-up. We loved taking a moment to sit, close our eyes, and get a mini-pampering in the middle of a hectic day, and to come out of it looking a bit more glamorous was an additional plus! 

You can find more info on YSL’s ‘Nu’ products here!

Abby is a student at the New School double majoring in Theater + Journalism & Design. Abby was born and raised in New Jersey but also has some New Orleans roots and is currently loving being a New Yorker. When she isn't writing or performing, you can catch Abby snuggling with her dogs Otis & Thibodaux, or hanging out with her friends!
Sabrina is a third-year student at Parsons School of Design studying Strategic Design and Management. She enjoys writing about beauty, lifestyle, and fashion, obviously. When she's not catching up with friends over a cappuccino, she's probably journaling or cutting up old magazines for her latest collage.
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