Booksmart May be The Best High School Movie Ever

Booksmart will premiere this May 24th and you all should grab your tickets as soon as possible. Directed by Olivia Wilde, Booksmart follows the story of two high school overachievers who realize, on the night before graduation, that they did not have as much fun as their peers. They set out to cram four years worth of fun into one night.

The film is hilarious, honest, and one of the most accurate depictions of high school out there. One of the protagonists, Amy (Kaitlyn Dever) is a lesbian, and the representation feels genuine. It’s a nice break from the gratuitous and fleeting moments of gay representation in other films. Dever’s performance as Amy is practically flawless. It was honest and down-to-earth, it was one the most relatable representation of a queer character ever.

The honest depictions of teenage girlhood were refreshing. With an all woman writing team, that comes as no surprise. The writing team hilariously tackled topics like female masturbation, lesbian sex, drugs, and friendship.

The casting choices were excellent. Beanie Feldstein performance was passionate and honest. She made the whole audience feel like her best friend. You’ll leave the theatre wishing you had her work ethic. The supporting characters were excellently cast as well, Skylar Gisondo plays Jared, a try-hard who makes you cringe just as often as he makes you want to put him in an embrace and let him know that everything’s ok.

The movie’s soundtrack is another masterpiece in and of itself. The soundtrack includes classics like ​Push It ​by Salt-N-Peppa, ​Give Up the Funk ​by Parliment, and ​You Oughta Know​ by Alanis Morissette. The soundtrack also includes more recent masterpieces like ​Tomboy b​ y Princess Nokia and ​Wildfire b​ y SBTRKT and Little Dragon.

Grab your girl friends or your girlfriend and prepare yourself for 102 minutes of full-belly laughter, nostalgia, and fun.