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I’ve recently become somewhat of a connoisseur in crystals, and I’ve realized being new to the world of crystals can be incredibly intimidating. There are so many kinds, shapes and colors, as well as different uses; any newbie is bound to feel overwhelmed and a little lost. If the feeling resonates with you or you’re just looking to begin your crystal collection, you’ve come to the right place! Here’s a list of crystals every beginner should have, how to cleanse them, and how to spot the fakes.

1. Clear quartz

If you could only have one crystal, it should be this one. Known as the master healer, Clear Quartz cleanses any negative energy that’s dragging you down and replaces it with positive energy that brings clarity and harmony. This crystal is a huge amplifier, meaning it amplifies the energy of other surrounding crystals, your space and your intentions. Pointed Clear Quartz also directs good energy and amplification in a specific direction!

2. Amethyst

This purple crystal helps stimulate your mind and emotions as well as soothe any anxious and negative thoughts. Amethyst is quite known for activating your intuition and spiritual awareness. If you put a piece under your pillow or near your bed, it can help you sleep like a baby. It also encourages getting rid of bad habits. Stimulating the third eye and the crown chakra, Amethyst expands the imagination, thinking processes and creativity.

3. Selenite

Selenite is a must-have! It is a self-cleansing and self-charging crystal, making it the perfect crystal to cleanse, purify and re-energize your space. Placing Selenite around your other crystals or waving it around them is a good way to cleanse and charge them (more on that later). It is also an incredibly powerful crystal to meditate with since its energy calms and helps put you in a meditative state.

4. Rose Quartz

This crystal is a really popular one, and rightfully so. Not only does it attract romantic love but friendship and self-love as well. Rose Quartz also helps in times of grief, and it encourages acceptance, forgiveness and healing of inner wounds. Connecting with the heart chakra, it also helps you restore trust in yourself and others. There is no such thing as having too many Rose Quartz.

5. Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is the master crystal for protection. It deflects any negative energy aimed towards you or around you and turns it into positive energy. It can also help in fighting off any psychic attack and encourages optimism while dispelling stressful energies. A month ago, I was having nightmares for a full week and after placing my piece of Black Tourmaline under my bed, the nightmares stopped!

6. Citrine

One of my personal favorites, Citrine has this beautiful bright yellow color and it’s even known as the light maker. Harnessing the sunlight’s energy, Citrine promotes joy, positivity, confidence, enthusiasm and all the good and warm energies. It is also very helpful in attracting and manifesting abundance and wealth. Citrine also encourages self expression through creativity.

How to spot fake crystals

First and foremost, look out for air bubbles! If your crystal has air bubbles, it’s glass. Another thing to look out for are symmetrical patterns. Crystals are meant to be asymmetrical since they’re natural and come from mother nature, so if a crystal looks too perfect, it’s more often than not fake one made in a lab.

Super saturated and even colors are another sign of fake crystals, meaning it’s glass that has been dyed. Real quartz should also feel naturally cold to the touch. Be wary of sellers on places like eBay or Amazon—do your research on those shops before purchasing!

How to cleanse your new crystals

Your crystals have travelled far to get to you and during the journey they might’ve collected some bad energies that are not going to be useful to you. There’s a plethora of ways to cleanse and activate your crystals, and I’ll be showing you the most popular and some of my personal favorite methods.

1. Water

Using tap water, or even water from the rain, river or ocean, fully submerge your crystals. You can visualize the water washing away the negative energies it has collected. Pull away your crystal from the water whenever it feels right.

2. Sunlight/Moonlight

With this method, leave your crystals out during a cloudless night and take them back inside in the morning. The crystals will soak up the energy from both the moon and sunlight. Prolonged exposure to sunlight can damage some crystals like rose quartz so make sure you don’t leave them out past 11 a.m.

3. Selenite

While Selenite doesn’t need to be cleansed, it can be used to cleanse other crystals. If you have a Selenite plate, place your crystals on it and let Selenite do the work. If you have a Selenite wand, you can wave it around your crystals clockwise. You can also form a circle around it with your crystals.

4. Smoke Cleansing

This is a good alternative to burning sage for folks who aren’t Indigenous. Use an incense stick and move it in circles around your crystal counterclockwise to vanish negative energy.

5. Earth

With this method, you’re going to find a comfortable and dry spot in your backyard (that’s also easy to remember) and bury your crystals not too deep. Let your crystals absorb the Earth’s energy for a few hours.

A few things to keep in mind:

Cleansing crystals isn’t a one-time thing. You should cleanse them at least once a month. Meditating with your crystals after cleansing them is always a good idea. Take deep breaths and ask your crystal to hold on to your positive and specific intentions. Always express gratitude to your crystals—it’ll raise your vibrations and help your crystals and manifestations too.

Clara is a Journalism & Design and Screen Studies double major at The New School. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, her heart resides in the island as well as in New York City. She enjoys writing about film & tv, fashion, and all things arts and culture. In her free time, Clara listens to Harry Styles, talks to her crystals, and rewatches Gilmore Girls for the 100th time.
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