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Are You Feeling Yellow Or Gray About The Holidays This 2020? What To Wear And What To Do For The Holiday Season-Pandemic Edition

2020 will be a year we will never forget and we are ready for it to be over. After everything that has happened; fires, explosions, recessions, quarantines, human rights violations, lots of protests, millions of lives lost, and of course the word of the year: pandemic, we hope that there won’t be any more bad surprises for the holiday season. So how will we end this historically-engraved-in-us type of year? 

This season will be like no other, with the closing of winter sports and Christmas markets, enforcement of social distancing, and masks, we most likely will be at home. Although a lot of horrible things have happened there still are some silver linings. From reshaping social systems, growing as people through creativity and kindness, to finally listening to people’s voices and the environment,  there is much room for growth but also hope for the future. And that is why PANTONE, the color communication, and forecasting company named two different colors for the year 2021. In 22 years this is the second time that two colors have been selected, given the year that we have had it only makes sense that Ultimate Gray and Illuminating (bright yellow) are the winners. 

These two colors not only forecast trends for upcoming fashion and related industries, but they also set the tone for the upcoming year. This neutral gray and bright yellow represent feelings; the grayness of things: from loss to loneliness, but also feeling yellow about the possibilities for change and having large gatherings again (soon we hope). But for now, let’s try to yellow things up and cherish the good things that have happened, and our families and friends if we are fortunate enough to be with them. 

If you aren’t feeling the celebrations this year or haven’t begun to think of what to do because of well... everything happening around the world right now, we’ve got you covered with friendly, single, and familial ideas! Our traditions may not look the same this time but that doesn’t mean we completely have to give them up (depending on where you are in the world).

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1. Feeling like a Netflix type of night? 

You’ll probably opt for the coziest pajamas, wearing a silk matching combo might make you feel fancier.  


2. Have a zoom office party but still want to be comfy?

Wear your favorite blazer with leggings and for final touches: a fun statement necklace 


3. Having a nice home-cooked dinner? Alone, with someone, or your family?

Sparkles and sequins anything always brings out the spirit of celebration 


4. Getting take out and bringing the restaurant to your home?

Wear your favorite flowy printed dress, maxi style


5. Creating a socially-distanced mini cocktail party?

Your longest fitted dress to show off all your hard work will do


6. Enjoying a virtual dinner? 

Fashion drama is best rested on the shoulders with puffy sleeves for example


7. Having a games night?

Now’s the time to wear that jumpsuit you’ve been wanting to rock out


8. Just a cozy night with friends?

How does a sweater dress sound, maybe with a cute belt too 


9. Baking all your favorite sweets and treats?

Your flare-iest skirt or dress of them all to twirl in the kitchen 


10. Dance party at home? 

How’s disco flare pants with a cute cami top


Alina Ali Rawji

New School '22

Alina is studying Strategic Design and Management at Parsons, she loves to travel, keeping up with the news, and anything fashion. Where there's music you'll find her dancing and smiling (almost always).
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