Is Anyone Honest Anymore?

We wait until we are behind closed doors, until our friends and family have gone, and we are all alone with the ghosts of conversations past. It is only then that we begin to accept the opinions we voiced- the ones we’ve polished and rehearsed and watered down and finally accepted yes that’s how I feel. Only a select few are conscious of this process of separating opinions from one’s self, and it is not even a given that said select few will stop the process as they recognize it happening. 


The majority of the population’s voiced opinions are affected by their concern with either keeping up an image, gaining a reputation, or fitting in to some political category. When I say voiced opinions, I don’t just mean politicians voicing their opinions. When a coworker or a friend asks us “Hey, how f***** up is the whole ____ thing?” and we respond, we are voicing our opinions. When we're shopping with a friend and they pluck something off a rack, hold it in front of them, and purse their lips, we are expected to weigh in on whether or not it's worth trying on/purchasing- we are expected to voice an opinion. And we don’t normally voice our opinions exactly as they exist in our mind. We add a few words, tweak a few sentences, phrase them a certain way.  

Before we say anything out loud, we usually have thoughts/opinions/feelings on the subject. But before we’re asked about the subject, or we ask someone else how they feel about the subject, our thoughts/opinions/feelings are virgin. They are untouched, uncorrupted by all outside sources. We are their sole creators and everything we do or don’t believe them to be is what they will be. Before we voice our opinions, there is no tweaking them to be a little more Socialist because we consider ourselves more Democratic-Socialist than just Democrat or adjustment of crudeness based off the political party of the person we’re conversing with. There is only what we feel.

But where are we safe to speak freely? In bed, on our pillows? Between a spoonful at the dinner table?  

I’m not saying I’m not guilty of exactly what I’m describing. Even worse, I’m one of the aforementioned who are conscious of their catering of opinions. But I’m working on being more transparent (in voicing my political opinions, and in general)- because no one worth my time needs me to change anything about myself. Also, I don’t want anyone in my life who can’t have an open discussion about things that matter. Regardless of if someone agrees with me or not, regardless of if we have completely opposite viewpoints, we should be able to talk about more than just our love lives or our jobs or school.

I want people in my life that care about, that talk about, things that matter. I don’t know everything going on in the world- knowing everything, in general, is an impossible task. I want to really talk with the people in my life, and more than talk, I want to be able to learn from them. We are overpopulating, over-polluting, dividing, and abusing this planet. If we lose our ability to communicate with one another, we are losing our humanness. We are cheating ourselves out of growth. Now, later but still better than never, I am committing to holding myself to a higher standard. I am committing myself to being human, to growing, and to extricating myself from people who hinder my doing so.