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All the Things I’ve Loved This Month

Valentine’s Day has come and gone, and whatever your stance is on the most contested holiday ever, it’s hard to escape the love this month. But why should February be only about romantic love? We should celebrate all the people, places, and things we adore- because there is no limit on love. So I’ve rounded up five of the things I fell in love with or found a newfound love for this February.

Glossier’s Lidstar

I would consider myself a slut for Glossier, as would anyone who has had the pleasure of running a boy brow over their eyebrows for the first time and it immediately change their life. Surely I can’t be the only one. But every time I think I’ve escaped, Glossier pulls me right back in- and by pull I mean I take two subways to the Glossier flagship in Soho and proceed to walk up the stairs and spend all of my money. I jokingly put on this Lidstar because I don’t usually wear eyeshadow, but the sparkle intrigued me. It’s super easy to apply, creamy, and the glow is subtle but enough to make a statement.

This Red Sweater

I’ve had this sweater for over a year and got it half off at Express (we love a deal!). My sister recently stole it from me for a couple months and after taking it back, I realized how in love with it I am. It’s big, warm, and a beautiful bold red which I agree can be a scary color at first, but I promise you, everyone looks good in red.

Thank U, Next 

This album is a banger. But you already probably knew that if you’ve listened to it. NASA, bloodline, and break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored, have been on repeat since the album came out. They’re about self-love and just make you feel like you’re that b*tch. It’s been my fave V-day gift.

The Real Housewives of New York

I think I’ve realized why I can’t get through an episode of The Bachelor anymore yet can finish a season of RHONY in three days: because there is constant drama. There might be 10 minutes worth of drama in an entire episode of the bachelor but it’s mostly just a bunch of: I can totally see myself falling in love with you or she’s here for the wrong reasons. While the ladies of RHONY will fill all 45 minutes with back-stabbing, screaming, drinking, laughing, crying, and more drinking. They’ll straight up tell you to your face you’re a crazy b*tch then 2 minutes later invite you to stay in their house in the Hamptons. It’s what all reality television should be.


All the Women Running for President

I’ll be honest, I have no strong opinion on who wins the democratic ticket for the 2020 election because they all sound qualified and a lot better than what we have now. But to go from one female candidate to five (so far) is pretty damn inspiring, and hopefully will set the precedent for elections to come.

Logan Mahan

New School '20

Logan is a senior studying Journalism + Design at The New School. Her interests include (but not limited to) fashion, politics, red wine, the Bee Gees, playing "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" by Whitney Houston at every function she attends, and of course, writing. 
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