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Alexander 23 Speaks on New Music, Relationships, Trial & Error, and Going Oh No, Not Again!

Having toured with and opened for established artists such as Chelsea Cutler and Alec Benjamin, Interscope’s Alexander Glantz (a.k.a. Alexander 23) is no stranger to the music scene. The 26-year-old Deerfield, Illinois native (coincidentally hailing from my hometown area) has released his second EP titled Oh No, Not Again!, in which his immense talent is evident. Kindly taking the time out of his day, Glantz joined me and Universal Music Group’s °1824 program for an interview session on the process and inspiration behind the tracks. 

Previously known for songs such as “Dirty AF1s” and “See You Later,” Oh No, Not Again! is a fresh new perspective from Alexander 23 while remaining true to his unique sound. From the catchy yet solemn “Caught in the Middle” (which I haven’t been able to take off repeat!) to the reminiscent “Come Here and Leave Me Alone” about conflicting feelings, the EP is sure to contain your new favorite song. When asked to describe the style of his EP, Alexander stated it was “sad but hopeful” and further elaborated to use the word “yet” in the context of being “an incredibly hopeful word; it sounds like ‘I feel like this now, but not forever,’” which was beautifully put.

Oh No, Not Again! aims to be relatable to the struggles and challenges that we all go through every day, including patterns Alexander has seen in his own life, particularly when it comes to relationships and breakups as he often finds himself asking the question, “Why the f*ck am I like this?” while also letting his fans know that “they’re not alone.” Glantz also revealed that he has spent more time cooking as of late, yet he hasn’t shared his creations with his followers “because he’s kind of insecure that people will call him out for not actually being good, and if he doesn’t share it then he can just pretend that he’s really good at it.” On a related note, Glantz stated that he “enjoy[s] not being good at something because it’s an opportunity to rapidly get better” and he strongly encouraged aspiring musicians to “find people who f*ck with their music as much as they do” and to “find their arrow.”

Overall, the EP shows a huge amount of versatility and vocal range on Glantz’s part and I appreciated his wisdom and down-to-earth personality. If there’s one thing I’m sure of, it’s that Alexander 23 is set for stardom and will soon be even more of a household name. Oh No, Not Again! releases on February 19 with nine tracks as well as a bonus music video for “Come Here and Leave Me Alone.”

Sierra (‘CeCe’) is a writer for The New School’s HerCampus chapter, and a member of the InfluenceHer Collective, Campus Trendsetters, and College Fashionista programs. She has formerly been a part of the High School Ambassadors program (now renamed HerFuture) and has been with HerCampus since her sophomore year of high school. She primarily writes articles on sustainability and environmentalism, fashion, music, and being a college student (go Narwhals!). She has previously studied at the University of the Arts London for Fashion Studies and Pratt Institute. She can be found in New York City at concerts or listening to true crime podcasts outside of class. Feel free to reach out to her for advice, suggestions, or to say hey! Her Instagram is @cecewarsh.
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