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1. Book Club

Located in the East Village, Book Club is a coffee shop, wine bar and bookstore all in one. It hosts multiple events a month such as poetry readings, game nights, live music and “Drinking & Drawing” – a nighttime drawing class. You can find a full list of events on their website. It’s open until midnight 7 days a week, making it the perfect spot for an introvert’s night out.

2. Ad Hoc Collective

This hole-in-the-wall coffee shop is located in the heart of the West Village. It’s tucked away down some steps next to Greenwich Letterpress (an adorable stationary store). Eclectic furniture, comfy couches and potted plants give the shop a cozy ambience. And it has the same vibe as Hufflepuff’s common room for the Harry Potter fans out there. 

3. Rosecrans

In addition to coffee, Rosecrans sells an abundance of plants. The tiny shop is full of flowers, ferns and numerous succulent varieties. It has limited seating outside, and is located just a few minutes away from the Lang building. 

4. Felix Roasting Co.

This cafe is positioned on one of the trendiest streets in SoHo, but feels like it’s from another time. It has an eclectic 19th century aesthetic featuring pink and green murals, glass chandeliers, framed paintings and ample seating. The shop is a welcome departure from the busy area.

5. Bluestone Lane

This Australian coffee shop chain has locations all over the city. In addition to drinks, it sells delicious brunch food like avocado toast, breakfast burritos, banana bread, sandwiches and more. The vibe is fresh and healthy. No two locations are alike, special thought is put into the architecture of each shop. 

6. Meow Parlour

Enjoy a cup of coffee surrounded by adorable rescue cats. Meow Parlour is the first cat cafe in New York City, and works to spread awareness and find homes for its cats. It’s $16 for a 50 minute session, and you’re sure to leave the shop in a better mood than when you came in. If you end up getting attached, the cats are up for adoption.

7. Caffe Reggio

Caffe Reggio is the first coffee shop in the U.S. to serve espresso, and has been a beloved part of Greenwich Village since 1927. The shop’s history is palpable in its decor. It is still one of the most popular coffee shops in the Village today, and can often be crowded (but somehow in a charming way?) If you’re looking for a timeless experience, Caffe Reggio will certainly deliver.

Grace Coleman

New School '25

Grace Coleman is a first-year student at The New School majoring in Journalism & Design. She spends far too much money on coffee, Harry Styles tickets, and thrifted jeans.
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