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7 Sustainable (and Affordable) Items to Start Using this Fall

We all know the struggle of trying to care for the environment, but leaving items on shelves simply because of the price tag. Well, here are sole sustainable alternatives that won’t break the bank. Here’s your ultimate list of essentials you can add to your dorm (or apartment) this fall.

Wool Dryer Balls

As the extremely broke college kid I am, I’m not the most keen about spending extra money on dryer sheets every month or so. Instead I decided to invest in a set of wool dryer balls. Not only will they last you a lifetime, they help your clothes dry faster too! You’ll be saving yourself some money and reducing waste. Grab a set off amazon for $7.95 here

Compostable Cutlery

Sometimes we just gotta use disposable forks and spoons. And when that’s the case, why not use wooden ones? Yes, they may cost more than their plastic counterparts, but they are technically reusable and biodegradable. There are some more expensive sets, but this one off amazon will last you a while without breaking the bank!

Lush Shampoo Bars

Maybe I’m late to hop on the train, but I’ve fallen in love with shampoo bars, especially the ones from lush. I’ve noticed that they are easy to use and really do clean your hair. Another thing I love about them is they last wayyy longer than a bottle of shampoo, and they reduce your plastic waste too! Most Lush shampoo bars run for about $11-12, so go snag the one with your favorite scent and benefit here

Metal (Boba) Straws

Okay, seriously though. This couldn’t be about sustainable items without metal straws. But if you’re a boba lover, do you have a metal boba straw? Because if you don’t have one yet, you should totally buy a set. Grab a set of 5 amazon for $9.95 here. It also comes with a cleaning brush and storage bag, so you’ll never have to worry about where to put your straws. 

Bamboo Toothbrushes


Something I plan on converting to are Brush with Bamboo toothbrushes. Every year, disposable plastic toothbrushes contribute tons of waste into our oceans. Brush with Bamboo created a toothbrush with a compostable bamboo handle. The best thing? These toothbrushes last the same amount of time that a conventional plastic toothbrush does. It’s a small change to live sustainably. A pack of 4 will run you $20, and will last you a year. Grab a set here!

Macrame Grocery Bags

Reusable grocery bags are totally a thing. But I’ve noticed a lot of collapsible ones tend to crumple oddly, and aren’t exactly the cutest thing out there. Here’s my solution: macrame grocery bags. They’re cute, they collapse, and they’re DIYable. If you want to take a shot at DIYing some super cute bags, here’s the link. But if you’d rather just buy some, try this set off amazon for $11.99.

Silicone Food Covers

I personally love silicone food covers. They can cover your food in the fridge, but they also stop explosions in the microwave. They’re great for covering leftovers and partially cut fruits and veggies. Best thing? You’ll never use plastic wrap again, and honestly silicone covers do a better job than plastic wrap anyways. Grab one off amazon for $9.99 here.

Now that you’ve seen some affordable products that won’t break the bank, empower yourself and live your best, sustainable life!

Jade Welder

New School '23

Jade is a student at The New School pursuing a degree in media studies and a minor in food studies. This isn't really a secret: she's a boba connoisseur by day and closet weeb by night. And yes, boba ice cream is really worth the hype.
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