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6 Sunglasses Under $16

I have a severe sunglasses addiction, or as my good friend Maddie says, “Some would say addiction, I would say strong penchant for wasting entire paychecks on.” I’m also terrified of investing in expensive sunglasses because I am prone to lose/misplace/sit-on-and-break them. So since the weather is getting warmer and sunnier, I have rounded up six pairs of sunglasses I own or probably will soon own, that are cheap and chic.

1. Slim Streamlined Cat Eye Silhouette Sunnies

Sunglass Spot is where I buy the majority of my sunglasses because most of the glasses on this site are $5 (with $5 shipping). As a past buyer, Sunglass Spot actually has very good quality glasses for the price, so I bought these Cat Eyes in red, black, and white. Price: $5

2. Premier Collection-Super Chic Architectural Design High Fashion Sunglasses

I like to call these my knockoff Dior ‘So Real’ sunglasses because well they are knockoffs of Dior’s ‘So Real’ sunglasses, which go for about $500. Say what you want about knock-offs, but a girl has also got to pay her rent. Price: $9.95

3. Far Out Translucent Metal Aviator Sunglasses

I think everyone just looks good in yellow translucent sunnies, and they’re currently on sale at Urban. Price: $10

4. Daydream Metal Round Sunglasses

I just bought these and they have become my new favorite pair! (Sorry to my old pairs, I still love you all). They fit snugly on the brim of my nose, never slip off, and the maroon color gives my face a nice glow (in my opinion). Price: $16

5. Bershka Aviator Sunglasses

 I’m a firm believer that everyone needs a pair of black aviators in their closet for hangovers and feeling like a celebrity in an airport. These are perfect especially if you are scared you might break a pair of Ray-Bans. Price: $16

6. 58mm Perfect Fit Elegant Modern Crossover Browbar Sunglasses

These are my “I want to feel like a Kardashian” sunglasses, while I drive around in my Grandma’s Honda Civic with a Dunkin Donuts iced coffee in my hand. I bought my pair in the color rose gold, and they are very oversized, which I love- but important to note. Price: $9.95


Logan Mahan

New School '20

Logan is a senior studying Journalism + Design at The New School. Her interests include (but not limited to) fashion, politics, red wine, the Bee Gees, playing "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" by Whitney Houston at every function she attends, and of course, writing. 
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