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After forty unforgettable nights in North America, Harry Styles’ Love On Tour ends. Styles’ dazzled stages from New York City’s iconic Madison Square Garden (a banner in the arena now showcasing his record-breaking fifteen sold-out shows) to Los Angeles’ Kia Forum. Every night, fans in the venue, through live streams, and through the constant refresh of their Twitter timeline, tuned in to catch a glimpse of Styles’ Gucci outfit of the night. From polka dots, chevrons, and sequins to checkered, tassels, and denim; Harry was sure to keep his fans on their tippy toes. 

As a fan and self-proclaimed “fashion connoisseur”, I feel obligated to rank these outfits for myself. I’ll be the first to say it was not an easy feat. With the cancellation of three Los Angeles shows, the rescheduling of a Chicago concert, and the debate of whether or not Harryween should be involved in the rankings; I had my work cut out for me. Nonetheless, I am ready to be critiqued for my somewhat controversial rankings.

PSA: Harryween is unfortunately not included in this ranking.

New York City – Aug. 28
Madison Square Garden, Night 6

Do I need to say more? I think the outfit and the picture speak for themselves.

The Kia Forum, Night One

Something about this outfit said rich to me. Maybe it was the cream color and the palm trees? Maybe it’s the wealthy soccer mom energy he’s exuding? The world may never know.

new york city – aug. 20
Madison Square Garden, Night One

The chevrons brought me back to 2015, and I kinda loved it.

Toronto – aug. 16
Scotia Bank Arena, Night Two

I hope you’re starting to see a pattern here with the tracksuits and matching ensembles. I can’t lie, I like uniformity.

The Kia Forum, Night Four

Tracksuit again… I’m sorry. But look this one has tassels!

Moody Center, Night Six

It’s kind of the same as New York City but guess what… it has hearts instead!

United Center, Night Five

He looks like a man that would sell candy or rootbeer floats in some ridiculous coming-of-age movie from the late ’60s and I love it.

Madison Square Garden, Night Four

Again, root beer float man energy.

Chicago – Oct. 8
United Center, Night One

The first round of sequins coming in! I loved the blue and the red in this outfit together, and paired with the sequins is amazing.

New York City – SEPt. 8
Madison Square Garden, Night Eleven

Surprise! Another tracksuit.

Chicago – Oct. 11
United Center, Night Three

This outfit is Hannah Montana meets Avril Lavigne. The leather pants just complete everything for me.

Austin – SEPT. 25
Moody Center, Night One

I gasped when I saw this outfit through the live stream. Granted, it was pixelated and there for barely a second before the live was shut off… but I gasped nonetheless!

Toronto – aug. 15
Scotiabank Arena, Night One

The personal touch of the “H S” is what makes this outfit in my opinion.

The Kia Forum, Night Eleven

The energy this night was unmatched. Was it because his ex-girlfriend Kendall Jenner was in the audience? No. It was this outfit, I swear.

United Center, Night Two

He did this for the girls (me) with a sage-green obsession.

New York City – Sept. 1
Madison Square Garden, Night Seven

This was my show so maybe I’m biased…

The Kia Forum, Night Two

I need a pair of those leather pants right now.

New york city – aug. 21
Madison Square Garden, Night Two

This was candy cane inspired.

New york city – Sept. 7
Madison Square Garden, Night Ten

Another of my shows so I’m setting all of my personal ideas aside. I love this outfit… maybe my chevron phase is resurging.

The Kia Forum, Night Three

The shirt reminds me of the children’s book The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister.

Los Angeles – Nov. 11
The Kia Forum, Night Nine

This is definitely a Polly Pocket-inspired outfit.

Chicago – Oct. 15
United Center, Night Six

Another Polly Pocket outfit.

New York city – aug. 22
Madison Square Garden, Night Three

Another candy man outfit.

Los Angeles – Nov. 2
The Kia Forum, Night Seven

This is a little boy’s picture day outfit.

Los Angeles – Nov. 9
The Kia Forum, Night Eight

Harry wore a shirt from his new Gucci HA HA HA collaboration with designer Alessandro Michele and I absolutely would’ve bought it if it wasn’t for the hefty price.

Los Angeles – Nov. 15
The Kia Forum, Night Twelve

The collar is so crisp.

New York City – Sept. 15
Madison Square Garden, Night Fourteen

Again, I need these pants.

Moody Center, Night Three

Halloween came early!

New York City – SEPT. 3
Madison Square Garden, Night Nine

I would’ve ranked this outfit higher if the undershirt wasn’t mint green and white.

New York City – Sept. 21
Madison Square Garden, Night Fifteen

He looks like those packs of Sharpie highlighters you begged your mother for because they had different colors but then she told you to only get the neon yellow color pack. Am I oversharing?

Austin – Sept. 29
Moody Center, Night Four

The Ronald McDonald colors are oddly comforting to me.

Los Angeles – Oct. 29
The Kia Forum, Night Five

Is this Hannah Montana in a short brown wig or is this Harry Styles? We will never know.

New York City – Aug. 27
Madison Square Garden, Night Five

Another one of the shows I went to (I’m aware I have a problem). I liked the colors but I wasn’t a huge fan of the polka dots.

New York City – Sept. 14
Madison Square Garden, Night Thirteen

Do you think the sequins itch?

United Center, Night Four

I genuinely can’t tell if the glitter is silver or green. It’s the new Yanny or Laurel.

New York City – Sept. 2
Madison Square Garden, Night Eight

“Watermelon Sugar” tease with the colors.

New York City – Sept. 10
Madison Square Garden, Night Twelve

There’s so much going on.

The Kia Forum, Night Ten

I’m just confused.

Austin – Oct. 2
Moody Center, Night Five

At least the pants and the shirt both have polka dots, right?

Austin – Sept. 26
Moody Center, Night Two

I can’t defend this…

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