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Top 10 Outfits of Ariana Grande’s Career

Cowboy like me

I call this classy cowboy chic, feels very much like Harry Styles. The hot pink compliments her skin tone and the flared pants make Grande appear taller.

i can hear the bells

Vera Wang did the most immaculate job and I adore the nod to Audrey Hepburn in this look.

Rain Fairy

If fairies are real then Ariana Grande is one, the wet hair look reminds me of Silvermist from Tinkerbell.


Mrs. Grande made it known that Cinderella by Mac Miller was written about her with this dreamy dress for the Grammys. It’s only fair that her dogs use it as a slide too.

Bubblegum Princess

Possibly the cutest outfit ever worn. Ari even pointed out the cuteness of this outfit by stating, “I look like a gumdrop.”

Christmas in colorado

Ariana did the best thing she could in the Winter of 2017, she took her friends and family to Telluride, CO. It was the sight of many iconic outfits and one of the first sightings of her platinum hair.

Coolest jacket ever

Pretty sure that Ariana said this was the coolest jacket ever, I would have to agree. It’s even better paired with the plaid skirt.

Toulouse is the Face of coach

Although Ariana participated in the Coach shenanigans, the company was far more interested in her dog, Toulouse. This girly outfit is perfectly thrown together with sheer thigh highs.

era of Cat Ears

No one can pull off cat ears quite as Grande did. They go perfectly with the faux fur coat and dainty white two-piece.

the way

Ariana’s debut came in 2013 with her song “The Way” featuring the late rapper, Mac Miller. This era was met with chic outfits and ribbons tied around ponytails. 2013 was also when she began to move away from being known as her character from Victorious named Cat Valentine.

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