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Stargazing by the neighbourhood

The pre-chorus of this song feels like “Heroes” by David Bowie felt to the characters of Perks of Being a Wallflower. It’s the perfect introduction to the chorus which gives me a feeling of excitement. Overall this song feels like summer and makes me want to dance around a field. I love how the song is slower during the verses and then picks up speed when the chorus starts.

Get Well Soon by Ariana grande

This song is very special to me because it is written specifically about anxiety and panic attacks. It mentions feeling like everything is too heavy and it’s important to stay intune with your emotions during these episodes. Also, it’s almost written for you when you listen to it.

Malibu 1992 by coin

Malibu 1992 feels like someone is singing a novel, it’s such a beautiful representation of missing someone you that you loved in a specific period of your life. I especially love listening to this song while taking walks because it’s very easy to romanticize that it’s about you.

Sofia by clairo

The emotions of this song are so personal to me, as someone who identifies as bisexual, I view this song as a representation of how hard it is to move away from heteronormity. It’s so beautiful to have feelings like these put into music.

small worlds by mac miller

Any Mac Miller song is perfect. I think this song is great for recognizing we all have flaws, but it’s important to not fixate on them or deny having them. There’s something perfectly human about this song.


I love the sound of this song. The choruses are unbelievably crafted and SZA has quite literally never made a bad song. However, this song is also about low self-esteem and I value these songs from artists I admire a lot, because it makes them seem more relatable and reachable.


As a daughter, this song is really special. I think it highlights how men can treat women as prizes rather than as humans until they have daughters, and this makes them suddenly recognize how special feminity actually is and how it should be protected.


Yet another song I like for the sound engineering. I also think Thundercat is criminally underrated.

D.R.e.a.m BY Miley Cyrus

Probably one of the best songs by Miley Cyrus ever. Not only does is have a nice rhythm, it feels raw and personal. As Miley has proved in the past, she isn’t the same person as she was on Hannah Montana and her recent miusic really pushes the boundaries and reveals a different side and period of her life.

video by India.arie

It’s so easy to compare ourselves to others and see ourselves as less than. This song is a perfect reminder that beauty is subjective and that every individual is capable of being beautiful. We have a twisted idea of what it means to be beautiful most of the time and it’s important to know that you are perfect because you are you.

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