Netflix Movies and TV Shows Coming Out During the Month of September

Get excited because Netflix is releasing new TV shows and movies this month! They range from Netflix original productions, to old childhood movies we all know and love. Here are the top five releases that you should look out for.

Black Panther (Available September 4th)

Marvel’s “Black Panther” was just released earlier this year, but now everyone that has access to Netflix can enjoy it at any time or day. It was incredibly popular in theaters, being the world's ninth-highest-grossing film of all time. With all of its popularity, I’m sure many Marvel fans are excited about this new addition!


Making A Murderer (release date TBD)

This documentary about Steven Avery and his crime history is widely anticipated; fans can’t wait to see the outcome of the last episode of the first season. Season 2 of this popular TV show is being released sometime this year, but Netflix has not released an official date yet so be sure to look out for it!


The Good Cop (Available September 21st)

This new comedy series starring Tony Danza and Josh Groban consists of 10 episodes. “In the series, Danza plays Tony Sr. (Big Tony), a former NYPD officer who lives with his son, Tony Jr. (TJ), Josh Groban, a brilliant, straight-laced NYPD detective who makes a point of always following the rules while solving Brooklyn’s toughest cases.” If you are into comedies, be sure to check out this show when it releases on September 21st!

The Emperor’s New Groove (Available September 2nd)

This classic Disney movie was a staple when I was younger! Emperor Kuzco along with his sidekick, Pacha, were two of my favorite Disney characters, and I still have a love for this movie. Now that it has been added to Netflix, we can all relive our childhood memories.  

Maniac (Available September 21st)

This Netflix Original miniseries stars Emma Stone and Jonah Hill to create a “dark American comedy.” After debuting their talent in Superbad, these co-stars are joining forces together again, but this time their characters are going through a new drug trial. During the experimental trial, they continue to meet again and again in different universes, creating a trippy plot that you won’t be able to stop watching!


Even though September is a busy month for a lot of students, taking some time to watch new Netflix shows or movies is a great stress reliever that can never go wrong! Happy watching!