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15 Memes for Finals Week

It’s finals week! How are your finals going? Mine? Well, I have three exams and one research paper due in the span of three days. I’m handling it about as well as you might think. So while taking a break from researching farming in developing countries, figuring out how to prove that a set of numbers is a group, and not sleeping, I decided to compile a list of memes related to finals (the best thing that internet created). Here is a list of memes I found funny, either because they were clever or just too close to reality. I hope you enjoy these I much as I did!


  1. The really funny part is that none of my exams are curved.


2. I think we all know that you’re not.



3. I think saving New York may actually be less stressful.



4. I really wish this wasn’t as accurate as it is.



5. I prefer to think of it as helping others destress.


6.  Oh how I miss sleep.



7. Now that’s just evil.  


8. I empathize with Woody here.


9. Or Hanukkah or Kwanza.


10. And neither do the rest of us.


11. Our professors should be so proud of us.


12. Shoutout to all the Humanities majors who still haven’t given up.



13. Be safe in making your caffeinated concoctions my friends.


14. Nooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  


15.   Can’t wait.

Good luck with finals everyone. Make sure to get some sleep and to not skip meals. We can all do this. I believe in you!


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