What Joe Biden’s Win Means for SNL

Saturday Night Live has parodied politicians since its start in 1975. Notable impressions include Chevy Chase as Gerald Ford, Darrel Hammond as Bill Clinton and most recently, Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump. For the past four and a half years, Baldwin has received mainly praise but some criticism (mainly from the President) for his portrayal. People especially enjoyed seeing him playing opposite Kate McKinnon as Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election. After Clinton’s shocking loss, fans were disappointed to see this duo disappear from the airwaves. 

Once again, it’s time to say goodbye to another iconic SNL character — Or is it? Although Joe Biden will be inaugurated as the 46th President of the United States, Donald Trump has made it clear this will not be the last time we see him. 

SNL fans should expect to see Baldwin make a few appearances throughout Biden’s presidency. The question that remains however, is ‘Who will play Biden?’ Jason Sudeikis played a high energy Vice President Biden during his time as an SNL cast member, and made a few appearances in 2020 as the then Presidential candidate Biden. Actor Woody Harrelson also played Biden during a few debate sketches, making sure to emphasize the size and whiteness of his teeth. 

These sketches all took place before the global COVID-19 outbreak. Now in its 46th season, Jim Carrey has signed on to play the now President-Elect. Viewers have widely criticized his portrayal as painting Biden as being “too old,” and many believe Carrey is using his characters from his past works in his impression, making a half-Carrey half-Biden character. 

Who will be the man leading the country on Saturday nights? Who will stand by Maya Rudolph as Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris on the SNL stage? We’ll all have to tune in to the next episode to find out.