What I’ve Learned About People In College

    With a semester under my belt, and in the midst of another one, I’ve found that I’ve learned a lot about people and the importance of social connections in college. With Valentine’s Day fresh in my mind, I have been reminded that love doesn’t just come romantically: Love applies to family and friends and everyone in between.  

    Growing up, I was very fortunate to be surrounded by family who taught me to be kind and accept everyone. As a result, I gained the ability to see the good in everyone. While there are certain people who have more good than others, I’ve learned that it is so incredibly important to spread kindness because you never know who will become important in your life.

    I live on a floor with some of the most wonderful people I could never have thought I’d be fortunate enough to meet. While I moved in with my best friend from high school, I was initially terrified by all of the different situations that could arise. I wasn’t sure how people would react to me and I was certain that I would have an even harder time making friends because I was moving onto a new floor in the middle of a semester where I was away from home and everything I had known. It took courage on my part to introduce myself — and it certainly took courage from my floormates to accept me. Just a few months later, I feel that I’m part of a second family and I wouldn’t change anything.

    I want to highlight some of the key people that I’ve met at college who have turned my whole perspective of life around. My friends, for example, are some of the kindest and most wonderful people I’ve ever met. The main thing I’ve learned from them is how to have fun and balance schoolwork. It’s much more rewarding to work hard on something alongside people that you care about and then reward yourselves with something fun, like a movie night or Insomnia Cookies. I’ve also tried different things and stepped way far out of my comfort zone, such as trying new foods and activities. One of my favorite memories so far has been ice skating with my friends. While some of us were better than others, we all really had a great time.

    I’ve also met some pretty influential people in my classes. I took on some really challenging classes this year. I still remember the kindness that one of the upperclassmen in my section showed me, as I felt super lost that first day. I was overwhelmed and intimidated by how many people were in my class and how much older and mature they seemed to be. She turned to me, introduced herself, and complimented my shoes. That first step that she took led to a very good friendship between us, and it also made my class feel a little less daunting. I ended up doing very well in the course thanks to her encouragement and guidance.

    My professors this year have been phenomenal. The thing I love most about my college classes is that I’m being taught by experts in their fields. The passion that they have for what they do has inspired me and encouraged me to seek out passions of my own. As a pre-med student, some of the classes I have to take are pretty competitive; however, my professors have shown me that nothing comes easy and that I have to work towards my goals. You may face some obstacles along the way, but as one of my good friends likes to say, everything happens for a reason. I’ve met all of these amazing people just within a few months of being here at Michigan State, and I can’t wait to meet so many more for the rest of my years here.