A Thank You to White House Reporters

Free press has always been the foundation of a healthy democracy. In the United States, we rely on the press to deliver the news and offer insight on current events. However, over the past four years, there has been a great divide between the press and the people it covers. In 2016, Donald Trump took office and journalists knew they had their work cut out for them. CNN’s Chief White House Correspondent, Jim Acosta, described it in his book “The Enemy of the People” as having to fact check the President and those around him in real time. 

A White House reporter’s job is to ask the hard questions because it is important that the American people are aware of what the administration is doing. While journalists are used to researching and fact checking statements, it wasn’t until 2016 that they had to fact check as the President was speaking (or tweeting). The press also had to endure attacks on them directly from the President or his staff. Journalists want to cover the story — they don’t want to become the story. Unfortunately during the Trump years, that became the case for many. However, they persisted. They continued to ask the hard questions because we, the American people deserve answers from our elected officials. 

Journalists stood up for us, especially during the pandemic. While officials downplayed it’s severity, journalists continued to question them based on scientific facts — even if it caused high ranking officials, including the President, to berate them. They never stopped because they had a job to do, and that job was to get the correct information to the people. During the 2020 Presidential election, President Trump even claimed victory before all the votes had been counted. Journalists had to go on the air and contradict the most powerful man in the country and continue to report the facts coming in from trusted election sources. Without them fighting to tell us the truth, America would look very different and would be a much scarier place. 

Thank you to the reporters who continue to fight for the truth. We appreciate all your hard work. The American people are forever grateful.