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A Spotify Playlist for Every Mood

I love Spotify playlists. It takes so much effort to try and create one on your own. Spotify has pre-made playlists for every possible scenario and mood you could be in.


“Songs To Sing In The Shower”

    I listen to this playlist every time I need a pick-me-up. Every song on this playlist makes you want to sing and puts a grin on your face. This playlist actually makes you want to sing in the shower.

“Guilty Pleasures”

    I recently found this playlist and it plays banger after banger. This playlist contains songs that you haven’t heard in years but you still know by heart. This playlist is un-skippable and is perfect if you’re just hanging out or cleaning your room. It keeps you entertained and on your toes.

“Totally Stress Free”

    This is my favorite playlist. I listen to it when I’m doing homework or trying to wind down. The melodies of these songs are peace inducing and every tune flows together. You may know the words to some of the songs but, there are a lot of hidden wonders. All the tracks blend together into a genuinely, totally stress free playlist.

“Mellow Bars”

    Mellow Bars is a playlist I listen to when I’m doing my homework but need to kick the intensity up a notch. I don’t know a single song on this playlist but whenever I turn it on, I’m automatically in a super productive mood.

“Have A Great Day!”

    Hit play on this playlist right when you wake up in the morning or when you’re in the car going somewhere. Similar toLike, “Songs To Sing In The Shower,” the tracks on this playlist put you in a great mood. I usually listen to it on my way to class. Nothing like a little positivity before walking into an hour and a half long lecture on bugs.

“Beast Mode”

   I found this playlist by accident. It contains high intensity rap music and nothing else. I press play on this playlist when I want to get hyped for a tailgate, an exam, or when I’m working out. Some of these songs you may be able to sing-a-long, but the majority are in there because of the rhythmic beats and sometimes inspirational lyrics.

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