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MSU College Republicans Member Sexually Harassing JMC Students with Fake Instagram Account

This article discusses sexual assault, a potentially triggering topic for many individuals.

For more information, as well as screenshots from the chat in which these events occurred, please go to https://theeveninglook.com/2020/11/23/member-of-msu-college-republicans-sexually-harassed-jmc-student-on-instagram/

This past week, screenshots surfaced from the MSU College Republicans Groupme chat, titled “The Best Party on Campus!” These screenshots depicted multiple members, whose names are shown in the linked article, encouraging another student to create a fake account for a Biden/Harris supporter. These individuals were encouraging this student to use said account @/bidenharrisstan on Instagram (since deleted), to troll liberal students in the James Madison College Class of 2024 group chat. Screenshots of this account depict a bio with the phrases “Trump supporters NOT allowed,” “BLACK LIVES MATTER” and they/them pronouns. Within the group chat, Max Valenti comments “You need some alphabet soup in there.” Moe Al-Khafaji, the creator of this account, says “Oh sh*t I forgot the gay flag.” Other members, including Rebecca Amison, Michael Caruana, Alex Overholser, Ava Keranen, McKinzie Nicolai, and Haleigh Austin are seen encouraging this. Once the account is created, Moe sends screenshots from the account, depicting a conversation in which someone has DMed the fake account. Please go to the Evening Look’s article to view the screenshots that were provided to them. 

Max Valenti responds to the screenshot with “Wait @/Moe did you actually send them porn?” to which Moe replies “No comment.” The conversation ends here, with no objections from any other members involved. 

This is ridiculous and disgusting for so many reasons. The fact that in order to “own the libs” these individuals had to make a fake account and harass students with porn? How is that right? How can you sit here and tell me that the left is so intolerant, then make a fake account because you are too much of a coward to debate someone over their political views? 

Not only this but using two movements that are based on people being murdered for their identities in a joking manner is absolutely appalling. How dare you sit here and make jokes about trans women being murdered for being trans, about Black men, women, and children being killed for the color of their skin. 

As a nonbinary individual, I am disgusted by these actions. Using my pronouns and my identity to fuel your racism and sexism is f***ing disgusting. Using the deaths of my trans brothers and sisters is disgusting. People are murdered for the identities they hold, and you sit and joke about them and weaponize them to further your political views. 

Here’s something funny about this whole thing: Rebecca Amison, you said, and I quote, “They’re INSANE, that’s the bottom line” yet you had no objections when your counterparts created a fake account mocking people for having different political views and sending them porn, which is against the MSU sexual harassment policy. You call them insane because they disagree with you, then stay silent when your counterpart sexually harasses them because they voted for a different candidate. I would look in a mirror, maybe then you would see your hypocrisy.

Ava Keranen, you said, and I quote, “You can’t even argue with these people.” Really? Is it perhaps because instead of having a civilized discussion with them, you choose to encourage the creation of an Instagram account centered on harassment of people with the opposite views, then stay silent when sexual harassment begins? Is that maybe why you “can’t argue with these people?” Maybe, just maybe, if you practiced what you preach about respecting opposing political views, they would be more willing to speak to you in a non-defensive way.

I hope proper action is taken against both the individuals cited in this case, as well as against the College Republicans as a whole. Your statement says this individual “[does not] represent [your] values,” yet they, and all others involved, were complacent in these events and encouraged it in a group chat sanctioned by your club. These actions have made it clear what those involved in your club believed.

Your silence speaks volumes. I hope you get the punishment you deserve. I hope MSU holds their word of being a “home to all,” a place for everyone to be themselves and hold their beliefs. I hope every single one of you involved in this faces suspension, and I hope Moe Al-Khafaji is expelled from MSU.

“Anything to own the libs,” right Max Valenti? I hope you all keep the same energy when you’re punished.

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