How To Quarantine Like A Person Living In the 21st Century

Quarantine has left many of us stuck at home, with nothing to do but our online classes and it couldn’t have come at a worst time. It is finally warming up; it is the perfect time for us to be out visiting beaches, basking in the sun’s glory or spending time outside with our friends. So, if you’re thinking that this Coronavirus quarantine thwarted your plans and has left you bored, I would completely agree with you. No man is an island; we need to be around people. We need social [face-to-face] interaction. Still, no matter how much we want that right now, our health and the health of others comes first. Hence, it is important that we practice social distancing: staying away means reducing the number of coronavirus deaths, so we need to take it seriously. With that being said, thank God we live in the 21st Century, right? Where the advancement of technology has made it possible to still have fun and communicate with those you love and care about despite the miles between you. 


Here are nine ideas to help you quarantine like a person living in the 21st century:


  1. 1. Facetime/Video Call 

    In case you didn’t already notice, our smartphones and computers can allow you to call people and see their faces. I know right! Unbelievable! Anyways, we do have that option. So next time you’re tempted to go see your friends, don’t. Just call them.


  2. 2. GamePidgeon/Multiplayer Apps

    My best friend and I have been playing games on GamePigeon for about two weeks now, and it’s actually fun. There’s also online Uno, monopoly, pool, heads up, board games etc. 

  3. 3. Have a Virtual Girls Night

    Put on your cutest pajamas. Get some chips, a drink, do a face mask, etc. Call your friends and have some girl talk, sing karaoke, etc.

  4. 4. Host an Online Movie Night

    Using Zoom, you could stream a movie for everyone to watch. There’s also a chat feature on Zoom, so you can communicate with your friends while watching the movie. I’m sure there are other apps you could use for this as well, like Skype.

  5. 5. Drive By

    If you really want to talk to someone in person, you can call them on the phone and let them know you’re passing by. Then you can sit in your car, while the other person stands at their door. One of my friends did this; it was so cute and funny. 

  6. 6. Online Workout Session

    There are at-home workout videos available on YouTube and other sites/apps. You can even host your own workout session with your friends.

  7. 7. Virtual Museum Tours

    Some museums have made it possible for you to tour them online.

  8. 8. Love is Quarantine

    Using Google Sheets and Instagram, Love is Quarantine presents a way to date and to interact with others despite the quarantine.

  9. 9. Online Music Lessons

    This is the perfect time for you to try something new. You could pick up a new instrument or get some voice lessons, and you don’t even have to go to an in-person class for this. It is online, right in your home.