How Jaden Smith is Transforming the Way We Think About Gender (and Why That’s Amazing)

Last month, Jaden Smith’s long-awaited Louis Vuitton ad graced the pages of our favorite fashion magazines. For those of us that have seen the ad, we know that Jaden SLAYED his photo shoot. For those of you just learning about the JS + LV collab, Jaden became the new face of Louis V’s spring-summer women’s collection. Yes, you read that right. Jaden Smith modelled made-for-women’s clothing. On camera.

Before you pick up your jaw, riddle me this: Why is it that you are so shocked about Jaden’s new look? Believe it or not, this wasn’t the first traditionally feminine outfit the Karate Kid star sported. In fact, Jaden was spotted wearing a dress and flowered crown to Coachella in April 2015 and a dress to prom later that year. "I like wearing super drapey things so I can feel as though I'm a superhero,” he told E! News.

Jaden did more than just pull-off a knee-length skirt, fringe tank and moto jacket better than we could in his LV ’16 ad, he made a HUGE statement about the way that we see gender and fashion (and gender in fashion). In a society filled with rigid expectations for masculinity (“Be a MAN”) and femininity (“Act like a LADY”), we follow a strict set of guidelines to adhere to these expectations for our gender. Whether it’s baggy pants and beer for men or sundresses and makeup for women, America tends to put people in a box. Jaden smashed, crushed and karate-kicked these gender norms into complete dust; he is changing the dialogue.

Jaden Smith and his Louis V ad are transforming the way that we think about gender, and here’s how:

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