Continuing the Conversation

We are currently living through the largest civil rights movement in history. Knowing this makes me hopeful that real change is possible. On Sunday, the Minneapolis City Council announced that the Minneapolis Police Department is set to be disbanded and replaced with community-led public safety. Also, all of George Floyd’s murderers have been arrested and charged. However, even with these positive changes, there is still major injustice within our society. Breonna Taylor’s murderers have not been arrested, charged, or even been formally fired. Police are using teargas (which has been banned for use in war) and pepper spray during peaceful protests. People are being arrested after showing compliance by lying on the ground. The president sprayed teargas on protestors outside of the White House so he could do a photo shoot. It is abundantly apparent that there is a long road ahead in fighting for racial equality, but continuing the conversation, voting in all elections, going to protests, and supporting black-owned businesses can assist in that fight. 


Black-Owned Businesses to Support in Michigan:



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