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5 Reasons Why The Last Season Of “Teen Wolf” Is Stressful

“Teen Wolf” is a highly stressful, anxiety inducing teen drama about the supernatural. It is worth every headache and heartache that it has given me the past six years. Now, it’s in its last season — and I have some things to say.

1. I’d like to begin by stating that I am the only one of my friends that has continuously kept up with this show for all six seasons.

Most of them started to doze off around season three. For the past four years, I’ve had no one to vent to about how angry this show makes me.

2. This show has gotten so ridiculous that it seems like they ran out of material for this season.

The only original characters still in it are Scott and Lydia. This whole “Scott and Malia” thing is absurd. Bring Allison back! Bring Kira back! Throwing Malia into the Scott love mix is confusing.

3. The villain in this season has not been thoroughly explained.

What type of monster causes unfathomable fear just by getting close to it? Where did it come from? There are only a few episodes left of the season and we know nothing about this creature that is supposedly controlling all of Beacon Hill.

4. Miss Monroe…

Sheriff literally told her point blank that Gerard is going to turn on them and she didn’t believe him. She claims to know her stuff but doesn’t understand that teenage werewolves are still students. They’re still teenagers with real teenage problems. Their emotions are just heightened. She’s supposed to be a guidance counselor…so she should help them through their problems, opposed to killing them. Also, she has been in various situations where she could’ve just killed Scott and Liam herself, so why doesn’t she? For someone who works at a high school with students, she isn’t very discreet about her extracurricular werewolf hunting.

5. Where the heck is Stiles?

He’s the best character. He’s been the best character for the past six seasons and he is nowhere to be seen. We know that he’s at FBI school but you would think that he would be a little concerned about his beloved Beacon Hills. There is no way that he isn’t texting Scott and Lydia around the clock. How could they be telling him that everything is fine? Everything’s not fine! The whole town wants to kill Stiles’ best friends AND they call in all their old friends to help. Ethan, Jackson, Derek and Deucalion all came back to fight. Stiles is their secret weapon. Where is he?

I will always and forever be a super fan of the MTV show, “Teen Wolf.” I’m sad to see it end, but it’s time to move on.

Photo courtesy of: Gage Skidmore of Photopin.com 

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