5 Essentials To Staying Warm and Cute In The Winter

To say that I was unprepared for the excessive (borderline grueling) amount of walking that goes hand-in-hand with attending a large university would be an understatement. On my first day of college, I had absolutely no idea how much walking I had in store for me. Considering that I had no car, no bike, and hadn’t mastered the bus system just yet, I decided it was time to get practical. I started wearing more comfortable, commute friendly shoes so I could stop getting blisters on my toes. I checked the weather and dressed accordingly so I wouldn’t feel sweaty and gross after a long walk to class.

As the trees lost their leaves and the snow began to fall, my problems ensued. Thanks to harsh Michigan winters, a solution isn’t so simple. No one wants to be shivering uncontrollably walking to class, but us ladies also don’t want to look like a marshmallow in unflattering winter gear either. Alas, I present to you, a variety of options that are cute and practical for those slushy sidewalks and unmerciful winds.

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