Victoria's Secret Relaunched Swimwear This Week & We're Freaking Out

After the taste of summer we received from spring break, we have tropical fever! With stores already launching their spring collections, we’re destined to see the latest swimwear lines from some of our favorite brands! In case you haven’t heard; Victoria’s Secret will be re-launching their swimwear collection this month on their website.  

Back in 2016, VS decided to discontinue their swimwear line to focus on sportswear, which devastated many fans of the brand. After discontinuing them, customers have spoken out and the brand has listened by deciding to bring back swim.

This is exciting news, especially because for many years, VS has launched beautiful collections with the most unique designs. However, the decision to re-launch swimwear is a strategy to increase sales and customer traffic. Not only will VS be re-launching swimwear, but the brand will also be producing footwear and eyewear to be sold online and in-stores.

I’m looking forward to VS bringing back swimwear. For years I have seen VS stand out from other brands. From dazzling embellishments to sexy cutouts, the brand’s swimwear line has always been one of my favorites.

Let’s see what the brand comes out this month, just in time for spring! The collection will be limited edition with exclusives online.