Rise & Shine! Four Reasons Why Everyone Should Become a Morning Person

Coming from someone who has recently converted to becoming a morning person, I’m now a huge advocate of being an early riser. Many people are night owls, as I was too — but after this past summer, from waking up early on a daily basis for summer class or work, I’ve realized how refreshing and rewarding it feels to be up when the sun is rising.

Now, I know everyone dreads waking up and it’s real struggle getting out of bed, but hear me out!

I promise you, once you get past it, you’ll see how much extra time in the morning will benefit your routine, mood and well-being. So, with that being said, here are some reasons why everyone should consider rising with the sun!

1. You get to experience quiet and peaceful mornings.

There’s something about early mornings that are peaceful and serene. Not only can you soak in and enjoy the beautiful sunrise, being awake when everyone else is fast asleep is tends to be comforting. For a few hours in the early morning, you can forget about all the chaos and it feels as if the world is quiet and still for once.

2. Your days feel more productive.  

When I used to sleep in super late into the afternoon, my whole day would be thrown off, which would make feel completely discombobulated! Though, once I shifted my waking up schedule, I felt more organized and put together. Instead of sleeping in and feeling like you’ve wasted half of your day, waking up early allows you to feel more productive. Giving yourself extra time in the morning not only lets you check more things off of your to-do list, but also derails you from procrastinating those tasks as well!

3. Your sleeping schedule will thank you later!

The “old lady” in me has became so much more prominent now that I’m an early riser. Not only do I wake up early, but I’m also in bed by a reasonable time (and when I say reasonable I say 9 or 10 at night! Crazy right?)

Being an early riser gets your sleeping schedule into a pretty healthy routine and you wake up feeling more refreshed than ever! The only “downside” about waking up early, is that you become progressively tired earlier in the night. However, this allows you to go to sleep at a reasonable time to get wrack up those hours of sleep you’ve always missed out on! Who needs coffee when you can get 7-9 hours of sleep?

4. More time for “me time”

If you’re running on a hectic schedule of a college student, full-time worker, or perhaps both, the mornings are perfect for “you time.” Waking up early allows you to put some spare time aside for your hobbies you’re not usually able to do throughout your busy day. Whether it’s working out, doing yoga, writing, or simply going out for a walk —  take advantage of the extra time you can get in the mornings!