It’s Time to Start Thinking of Skincare as an Investment

Up until recently, I always thought skincare was a universal thing. I thought it didn’t matter what products I was using because my skin would be great as long as I was consistent, right? Wrong. After noticing the negative effects certain brands were having on my skin, I realized it was time to start investing in my skincare routine. While buying generic brands from the drugstore might work for some, not everyone's skin is the same and it might not be benefiting you how you think it is.

A couple of months ago, I experienced a bad reaction to a very popular drugstore brand face wash. This face wash, in particular, is targeted toward sensitive skin yet left my face red with a burning sensation. I was confused because this face wash can be viewed by most as a drugstore ‘cult favorite’. I realized just because it works for some people, doesn't mean it will work for the majority.

Although this was just one bad experience of many I have had, this was the last straw. I started to become obsessed with reading ingredient labels and actually doing research about what I was putting on my skin. Certain generic drugstore products I was using throughout my middle school and high school years were actually doing more long-term harm than good. But that was just it, they were generic. Not made specifically for your skin type or formulated for any type of benefits, which ends up leading to dull looking skin. Invest in the right products and you might actually see a difference in your complexion.

Products I Recommend

After falling down a rabbit hole of Sephora reviews and many rounds of trial and error, here are just a few of my tried and true skincare products. Although pricey, remember your skin is extremely sensitive and important, it's not like your favorite pair of shoes you forgot to take care of so you bought a new pair. Your skin is your skin and it will be with you forever. What you put on it now, will affect what it will look like not only in the moment but in years to come.

Photo Courtesy of Lauren Clemente

My skin type: sensitive, combination skin.