HCM Fashion Police: The Oscars 

The time has come to review the fashions from one of entertainment’s most prominent events: The Oscars! While some stars sparkled on the red carpet, others seemed to miss the mark. Let’s get started and check out some looks.

Salma Hayek

It’s always great to start off on a strong note with one of the most beautiful outfits of the night. Salma Hayek looks amazing in this pinkish/purple dress. The chain-style bling at the neckline and sleeves look classy, elegant, and different from the typical sweetheart necklines or deep v-necks. The style fits her shape and accentuates her curves perfectly. She looks like royalty!

Saoirse Ronan

Saoirse Ronan is one of the prettiest and most talented young actresses out there. However, this look does not quite work. This pink Calvin Klein dress does not seem to fit her well, as it seems to be awkwardly hugging her chest and the length does not look right either. Also, the giant bow in the back seems a bit too youthful for the Oscars. The cropped hair is very stylish but does not seem to match  with what this look was going for. At least the shoes look great!

Emma Stone

Emma Stone never disappoints on the red carpet… until now. I completely understand that pantsuits can be very fashionable but this outfit looks like something you’d see at a standard business meeting, not the Oscars. Even a nice necklace could have helped improve this look, but it’s just too plain for such an extravagant event. Her hair and makeup look wonderful though!

Taraji P. Henson 

Taraji P. Henson always slays on the red carpet, and this look keeps her streak going! She looks amazing in this dramatic and stunning black dress. The cutout up top is very sexy while the off the shoulder detail is very sophisticated. Her makeup is on-point and herbob was the perfect touch! 

Trend of the Night

Pretty Pastels. Rather than bold or dark colors, many stars kept it light. There were various shades of soft and delicate color schemes. Some styles didn’t quite work, while some were gorgeous. Though this style had its hits and misses, it would be impossible not to notice that this was definitely the most recurring trend of the night.

Now that we’ve looked at some styles, let’s give out some classic “Fashion Police” awards!

HCM Fashion Police Awards!

Best Dressed: Gal Gadot

Someone as beautiful as Gal Gadot can pull of nearly any style out there and look great. But this look is just spectacular! The long, shimmering necklace perfectly compliments the plunging neckline. The fitted top of the gown sparkles and the fringe at the bottom is playful yet sophisticated. Her look gives off the vibe of a 1920’s flapper and the hair and makeup add to that glamourous feel. This look will certainly be remembered as one of the most dazzling!

Worst Dressed: Emily Blunt 

Emily Blunt is very pretty and a great actress, but there is really nothing nice to say about this look. The grayish-pale blue color falls flat and seems to wash her out. The fabric looks more like drapes than anything else, and the sleeves look they fell right out of the 1800s, but not in a flattering way. Emily is great, but this look is far from it. Her fashion-obsessed “Devil Wears Prada” character would not be happy right now!

Honorary Award: Ashley Judd and Mira Sorvino

Every episode ends with at least one special award! The award is… Best Duo! And it goes to… Ashley Judd and Mira Sorvino.

They both look elegant, classy, and feminine. Friendship goals! 

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