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So, I was scrolling through TikTok the other day and I came across this video by a beautiful girl named Bailey. She talked about her home on Mackinac Island, a small island in Michigan right in Lake Huron. And this place is absolutely magical.

Bailey only had 60 seconds to recount her story of how she got to Mackinac Island and the wonders it holds. She was there for what was supposed to be a temporary 6-month job, but she met the love of her life and has been there ever since (straight out of a Hallmark Movie!!!). Bailey shows Mackinac in the summer and winter times, all of the beauty this little island has during all times of the year. Bailey’s story really stuck with me, so I did some more research on this magical place.

Mackinac Island includes lovely terrains such as forests, fields, marshes, waterfalls, coastlines, and so many more. There are beautiful coves that the residents swim in during the summer and that freeze over in the winter for ice skating. There are also beautiful native lilac bushes throughout the island. Everything there looks like a movie set.

The island itself only measures to be about 4.35 square miles in area, so the residents don’t keep their cars there. Instead, the get around on bicycles, foot, or horse-drawn carriages. Have you heard anything more Lorelai Gilmore than that?!? You can access the island by ferry and the ferry regularly takes the residents out to the mainland. The island contains several hotels and bed and breakfasts, as well as some historical landmarks that are definitely worth checking out.

All in all, I think I will be moving here by next semester. It sounds absolutely gorgeous in every way and I could never pass up a chance to ride in a horse drawn carriage.

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