The Domino Effect

It is a simple test of our humanity. 


A test most believe they are prepared to take but find themselves failing when the examination is placed in front of them.


It is a test not taken on paper or in the confines of a classroom suited for 30 students. It is out there in the real world, on a planet home to almost eight billion human beings. 


We, as people, are being tested. Our life is the result of how well we do, not single handedly, but as a whole.


A single person is not responsible for a massive tragedy, but as a raindrop alone does not consist of a thunderstorm, it is a contributor. 


A contributor to something bigger than itself, to something that affects everything in its vicinity, a domino in a chain that when knocked down, everything after it falls.


It is up to us to keep the dominos upright.


As the world heals, the people of it become ill if not locked away in the comfort of their own homes.


6 feet apart, the big bosses of our society advise us to remain from one another.


2 weeks, they require us to be alone with no one but our shadow to keep us company.


In order to keep the carriers of generational wisdom and those who are greeted by sickness far more often than most safe, the rest of us must give up our freedom for a short while.


It is a test that can only be passed if our humanity is stronger than our self-interest and fear that is born from uncertainty.


To pass it means we get to be wrapped in the arms of our elders for a few more years. 


To pass it means those with less soldiers in their immune system to fight off enemies get the future they deserve.


To pass it means we, as people, prove that when faced with adversity that threatens our existence, we come together as one. 


Alone, we will fail. 


As one, we will prevail.