Basic Wardrobe Essentials for Fall

As the weather gets colder and the leaves begin to change color, it’s time to say BRB to our athletic shorts and oversized t-shirts and make room for new and warmer wardrobe essentials. 


I personally see fall as a prime time to play around with fashion. The weather is cold enough to layer outfits but warm enough to rock anything without a puffy winter jacket ruining your look. 

Behind every good outfit are the essential pieces that create the foundation. You don’t need each piece, but having at least one from each category will help you put together some good looking fits.


Let’s begin by talking about colors.


When it comes to fall, it’s always a good option to go for neutrals, earth tones, and darker colors. Black, white, and gray will forever be the go-to colors for any season and fall is no exception. However, try to spice things up by adding some earth tones to your closet like olive green, tan, mustard yellow, brown, and beige. Don’t be afraid to go darker with the reds, maroons, and deep blues. 


It’s also important to consider sizing.


The fall season is notorious for windy days and chilly nights. Because of this, it’s a good idea to size up your clothing pieces. That cute sweater you’re thinking of getting? Buy it one size up. Rocking the baggy look is a huge trend right now, so this is a perfect way to look stylish while also keeping warm.


Lastly, prints and textures.


Since fall is all about layering, keeping your individual pieces simple with minimal patterns is the way to go. For example, buying pieces that are a solid color makes it easier to mix and match multiple outfits. It also ensures that your outfit won’t be too loud when you layer the pieces together. However, if you’re adamant about including patterns in your wardrobe, you can't go wrong with buying pieces that are plaid, checkered, or striped during the fall time.


Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s get onto the actual pieces.



  • Bomber Jackets

  • Cargo Jackets

  • Denim Jackets

  • Trench Coats

  • Cardigans

  • Windbreakers



  • Flannels

  • Hoodies

  • Crewnecks

  • Knit Sweaters



  • Black Skinny Jeans

  • Mom Jeans

  • Denim Skirt

  • Leggings

  • Joggers



  • Sneakers

  • Skate Shoes

  • Combat Boots

  • Hiking Boots

  • Chelsea Boots

  • Rain Boots



  • Beanies

  • Dad Hats

  • Wide Hat

  • Scarves

  • Belts


If you’ve made it this far, you’re now ready to go shopping! I hope you’ve found my tips helpful but do take them with a grain of salt. Fashion is about creating your own personal style, so don’t be afraid to get creative and play around!