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10 Shows on Netflix that are Worth Your Time

Are you sick of trying desperately to find a good movie on Netflix that you haven’t seen yet? Or growing tired of re-watching One Tree Hill, Friends or Gossip Girl? Well, here is a list of 10 shows to consider watching, with great explanations as to why! Maybe you’ve heard of some of these shows, and maybe not, either way, they’re worth binging over when you need to break away from all the stresses of college and all of the homework. I promise, you may find yourself addicted!


1.    New Girl

This show is a little quirky, but in the best kind of way. Once you get into it a little, you’re going to find yourself laughing out loud! The characters are also easy to relate to. Great Comedy! You can also find New Girl on Fox!

Rating 9.5/10




2.    Dexter

If you’ve heard of Dexter, you’ve probably heard someone say… “It’s a show about a serial killer, who only kills other killers.” Which is true. Dexter isn’t like anyone else out there! He’s a killer… But he only kills people who murder innocent people. This show has a lot of drama, suspense, mystery and a “killer” plotline (no pun intended)! Every season has a new plot, and it just gets better as it goes on!

Rating: 9.5/10



3.    American Horror Story

With a title like American Horror Story, you know this one has to be good! American Horror Story has a completely different set of characters and stories each season, all of which are amazing! This show features stories about ghosts in a “murder house, an asylum, a witch coven, and a freak show! Seasons 1-4 are all on Netflix, while season 5 is currently airing on FX. Check it out!

Rating: 9/10



4.    House of Cards (NETFLIX ORIGINAL)

Yes, this show is about politics – this much is true, but there’s more! There’s romance and affairs, drugs, scheming, manipulation, power and media, all incorporated into House of Cards. You have to get through the first few episodes and then it gets real good. This show has raving reviews as well.

Rating: 8/10



5.    Vampire Diaries

Seasons 1-6 of this CW drama can be found on Netflix. This isn’t Twilight, so don’t even make assumptions. The Vampire diaries is about two brothers who are vampires, along with a human named Elena. This show has plenty of twists and turns, drama, lots of romance, and a lot of subtle, but great comedic moments in it as well!

 Rating: 8.5/10



6.    Supernatural

Yes, you’re right, Supernatural did start back in 2005, so why get into it now? Seasons 1-10 are on Netflix, while season 11 is currently on the CW. Supernatural is about two brothers who encounter, fight and work with angels, demons, ghosts and paranormal creatures alike. It includes mystery, drama, comedy and romance. Plus the two leads, Jenson Ackles and Jared Padalecki, are major babes; I guarantee you’ll thank me for watching it, or at least watching them.

 Rating: 8/10



7.    Orange is the new Black (NETFLIX ORIGINAL)

This is a show I never thought I would have loved, but give it a chance and you’ll be hooked. The story is set in a women’s prison, and follows the lives of many women inside the prison, as well as their life before. Plus, it’s also a Netflix Original! There are currently three seasons on Netflix. Just check it out!

 Rating: 9/10



8.    Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad premiered in 2008 on AMC, starring Bryan Cranston from Malcolm in the Middle. It’s about a teacher, a husband and a true family man who ends up in some risky business when he starts a meth lab. It’s an intense show, but extremely good! Every season is on Netflix!

 Rating: 8.5/10



9.    Revenge

 This show is about a girl named Emily who returns to the Hamptons to avenge her family and seek out those who destroyed it. It has a lot of drama, crime, mystery and more! Seasons 1-4 on Netflix.

 Rating: 8/10



10. Once Upon a Time

Want to see Christian Grey before 50 Shades? One of the many wonderful things about Once Upon A Time is some of the cuties that star in it! You can catch 50 Shades of Grey star, Jamie Dornan, in this show! Once Upon a Time has a lot of adventure, fantasy and mystery incorporated, as it is a fairy tale series about fairy tale characters who get put into the “real world.”

 Rating: 8/10

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