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Suzy Day, MU Women’s Center Coordinator and Her Campus Mizzou Advisor


Meet Suzy Day, who, among many other positions, is coordinator of the MU Women’s Center and the adviser for our staff! 

Her Campus Mizzou: What sort of things do you do on campus?
Suzy Day: I’m the Coordinator of the MU Women’s Center and work with our student staff and visitors, implement programming, and give trainings and presentations on campus. I sit on the Department of Student Life’s Web Tech committee and enjoy working with the social justice offices on their websites and social media. I chair the “Love Your Body” committee and am the co-chair of the Women’s History Month committee. I advise Feminist Student Union, Greek Allies, Tau Lambda Sorority, Kappa Delta Sorority, and Her Campus Mizzou. I’m a stakeholder in the EVA Success Learning Community and sit in on the Diversity Fee committee. I’m currently working towards a Masters in Public Affairs with an emphasis in Non-Profit Management in the Truman School. I also enjoy volunteering with community organizations and chair the Stephen’s College Kappa Delta Advisory Board. When I’m not running around or studying, I love attending campus events. There are so many awesome things to do at Mizzou!

HCM: Where would you like to be in ten years?
SD: In ten years I hope to be living in Europe (or have just moved back), working with a non-profit organization and continuing to serve my sorority at a local chapter.

HCM: What is your favorite way to spend a rainy day?
SD: If I have nothing going on I would LOVE to crack a window, sit on my couch with some Starbucks, a blanket, my partner and a magazine and flip through a magazine while watching Boy Meets World or some terribly-90s Rom-Com. If I have to be out in the world I love to throw on some fabulous galoshes and drink my Starbucks on my way!

HCM: What is your favorite thing about Her Campus?
SD: I love that Her Campus is an outlet for women to write and publish stories that relate to their environment and experiences. All too often we see stories written for us, and we rarely get to see what young women’s lives are really like. I enjoy reading articles that students write about events they’ve attended or thoughts about their health, success and dreams.

I'm a junior K∆ at Mizzou! I love reading, decorating, animals, and being outdoors. Bonfires are my favorite. My dream job would be to be a professional adventurer. We'll see... :)
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