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Healthy Tips for a Spring Break Bod

Spring break is vastly approaching, and with that, the idea of a spring break bod looms. If you are confident in your skin no matter what, I envy you! For me, though, I think I could work a little harder on my health to be more confident in my bikini bod. As I always do, I promised myself I’d start being healthy right after winter break so that I’d be on a great track for spring break.

But, as you see by this article, I have definitely not followed through. In the two weeks I have left before break, I’m trying to be as healthy as I can. All these tips are what I follow when I personally try to be healthy and what seem to work for other people, so don’t kill me if you don’t look like a Victoria’s Secret Angel in a week or two. These are my tips to follow anytime you want to start being healthy and on track to become healthy, happy and feeling good.

Drink water, not that other stuff

Sugary drinks, alcohol and other empty calorie drinks are not the best way to eat your day’s calories. Don’t you think a big pizza is more rewarding than a big glass of soda? DUH. Replace those drinks with water and fill your cravings with food. Water will flush out impurities and keep you fuller longer when you drink it before a meal. Keep drinking it throughout the day to fill your body with good stuff and get out the bad stuff.

Breakfast like a king, dinner like a jester

I don’t know where I heard this phrase, but basically, it means you should eat a big, protein-filled breakfast, and a smaller, lean dinner. You don’t want to eat tons of calories before bed because it will just sit in your stomach and not have time or movement to help it break down. But good news! Some more recent studies say it’s good to eat a (healthy) snack before bed! Just make it light, such as a banana or some popcorn. 


Sleep is not for the weak. You will be weak and more hungry if you don’t get adequate sleep each night. So try to spread out your studying habits throughout the week and don’t procrastinate and stress yourself out. That will just lead to stress breakouts and lack of sleep! When you’re sleeping, you’re repairing yourself and rejuvenating for another day of feeling yourself. Sleep is a reward, people.

Eat this, not that

Eat more veggies and natural foods, and cut out the heavily processed foods from your diet. Carbs and dairy will bloat you but don’t completely cut out those good carbs. Instead, find complex carbs like whole grains and vegetables. Add fiber by eating oatmeal or Greek yogurt to keep you fuller longer instead of filling up with those simple carbs like white bread, which are easy to digest and make you hungry faster. 

Run it

Cardio is essential for quick weight loss. Getting your heart rate up is the best way to shed calories, but make sure you’re adding in some strength exercises which will keep your metabolism running longer. Strength training will make you look more toned and fit. However, if you’re looking to lose fat fast, lots of cardio is the way to go. Add in HIIT exercises to stimulate your metabolism the most.

Smart shop

If you’re trying to restrict yourself from unhealthy habits, don’t put yourself in temptation. When grocery shopping, walk past the chips aisle. Don’t buy the unhealthy food just because it’s easy. Spend some time making good meals for yourself and fill your pantry and refrigerator with foods that won’t leave you feeling gross. If you don’t have it in your house, the chances of you going out and buying bulk amounts are way less likely. 

Balance it

Don’t overeat, but don’t starve yourself. Eating too much will have an obvious outcome of weight gain, but in the long run, so will under-eating. It causes the body to slow down. Eating less food burns muscle tissue way before it burns any fat, and that is not what you want for a lean body. When your metabolism is starving, it will hold onto body fat. Eat around 1200-2000 calories a day, depending on your body, and keep everything balanced.

Do the little things

My final tip is to always do what you can if there are options. Park farther away so that you can get in more steps. Take the stairs. Swap a rather unhealthy meal or snack for a more healthier, natural food. If you have the choice of a creamy salad dressing or an oil based one, take the oil based one. Skip the sugary dessert and eat some fruit instead. These little changes will add up and your habits will change for the better!


Yes, all these tips are great changes you can make to your lifestyle. However, if you quit eating sugar or carbs or anything cold turkey, you will have even more cravings and temptations to “treat” yourself. Ween yourself off the simple carbs and start making those swaps. Nothing can be done quick, especially with your body. So, don’t expect to be 20 pounds down by spring break. However, these tips will make you healthier in the long run. Remember, don’t restrict yourself and do the obvious healthier choice each time, and you’ll be on your way to a healthier you!

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