Dan Bristow

Meet this week's campus cutie, Dan Bristow! He's a biology and psychology major from Walnut Grove, Missouri. His ideal date? Watching scary movies. Sadly, he's taken, but read on to find out more about Dan!

Full name: Daniel Bristow 
Year at Mizzou: Senior
Hometown: Walnut Grove, MO
Major: Biological sciences/psychology double major
Campus involvement​: Lead Science Tutor, BYX fraternity, Ophthalmology Research, Global Brigades, Mizzou Alternative Breaks
Relationship status: In a relationship
Favorite Mizzou memory: Winning the SEC East two years in a row.
Most embarrassing moment: My life — it’s never-ending. 
First item on your bucket list: Visit Italy.
Celebrity crush: Mila Kunis, who else? 
Favorite fictional character: Thor
Favorite thing about humanity: Hope and compassion. 
Ideal date: Watch a scary movie together
Turn ons: Clean, good hygiene, great smile, caring for others, great with kids, a good cook and loves Jesus.
Turn offs: Cigarette smoker, timid, unintelligence, and not driven.
Guilty pleasure: Women's fuzzy socks.
One thing you wish to accomplish this year: Get accepted to medical school.
Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Medical doctor.