Teachers Really are Superheros

We've all had that teacher that has made school bearable, maybe even enjoyable for us. You still remember their name, you might not remember what you learned but you remember how they made you feel. As an education major, I have had the first-hand experience in how much teachers have an effect on students. We don't give teachers enough credit for all they do. They aren't only educators, they are also nurturers, nurses, parental figures, cheerleaders, peacemakers, and at the end of the day, humans. They are capable of making mistakes, they will mess up. Education is not rainbows and butterflies, it's messy. It's long nights continuing your work at home long after school hours. It's waking up mentally and physically exhausted but putting your feelings aside to change a student's life. It's difficult, so please tell your teachers you appreciate them, give them a hug, ask them how they're doing. I guarantee it will make their day.


Hannah A.

Image courtesy of Google Images.