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With the craziness of online school and balancing other responsibilites, your mental health can take a toll. Between a worldwide pandemic, part-time jobs, Zoom class meetings, essays and assignments, and internships, life is crazy for college students right now. On top of these responsibilites, there is also pressure to maintain a social life, physical health, and mental health. It can be daunting to try to manage so much at once.

People look at me like I’m crazy when I say I am so ready to graduate. It’s not that I am not scared to get a job and pay off my student loans, because I definitely am! Yet the idea of graduating and having one full-time job to manage seems much more attainable. Instead of focusing on a part-time job, an unpaid internship, and a full senior-level courseload, I will be able to put more of my energy into one place. 

What I’ve learned from all of the stress surrounding being a senior in college during a pandemic is that it is important to give yourself a break. Whether this means taking a day off from work or school, or even giving yourself an hour to do absolutely nothing, do whatever will best help you! Your worth is not measured by your productivity, and giving yourself space to cool off from the stress of life helps. 

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My favorite things to do to work off stress are yoga, taking a walk with no destination in mind, watching a new TV show, or FaceTiming an old friend. Little things that bring more excitement and positivity to your day are important. Don’t forget to be safe and following social distancing/COVID protocols in your area! It also helps to organize your time. I know this is cliche, but you will feel so much better if you get a planner or a digital app that helps you plan out your weeks. My personal stress many times comes from the thought that I am forgetting an assignment or meeting, and knowing I have everything organized helps to relieve this.

Remember: your worth is not measured by your productivity, and it is ok to take a break!




Hannah Mader

Millersville '21

Hi! I'm Hannah, I am a senior Speech Communications major with an option in Public Relations. I grew up in Lancaster PA, and spent my first year of college at New York University before transferring to Millersville. I am obsessed with astrology!
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