Inclusive Companies Making a Difference

The saying you don’t know what someone is going through unless you walk a mile in their shoes is especially true for those with special needs or a disability. Most are overlooked or not recognized; however, as we progress more and more businesses are taking disabilities more into consideration. 


Chuck E. Cheese and Olive Garden have been making strides for a more inclusive environment, especially for those with Autism. 


Recently, Chuck E. Cheese has been opening two hours early on Sunday for those with disabilities so the guests can enjoy a stress-free environment. Such accommodations include turning the lights down,  limiting the noise of music and games, and the appearance of the mascot. Specifically, this helps guests with Autism as it limits the amount of sensory they intake. 


In addition to Chuck E. Cheese making strides to become more inclusive, Olive Garden in Montgomeryville Pennsylvania also helped fundraise for Autism Awareness recently. They decided that profits from one night of business would directly be donated to the Autism Awareness Foundation. 


As society and businesses become more educated on this matter we should consider how people with disabilities might be affected as they are apart of our community. Become more educated, become more inclusive, and become more understanding.



Jenna Tyrrell